Monday, June 12, 2017

Memorial Day, Rylie's Last Day of School, & 3rd Swim Meet

Memorial Day we just stayed home and hung out, slept in and stayed in pj's for awhile, enjoying a day off.

Rylie wanted to cook so she made a list and went with David to the store Sunday evening and on Memorial Day Mon, she made us all dinner! She did everything from mashing seasonings into ground beef, shaping them into little patties, cooking them in the skillet on the stove, cutting burger toppings, cooking pasta, cutting veggies and adding dressing to pasta to make pasta salad. Then she cut up fruit and made red, white, and blue cups with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. It was DELICIOUS!

Tues, May 30, she lost another tooth!

Thurs, June 1 Remy looked cute heading to Summer camp

Friday, June 2 was Rylie's last day of school!

She brought teacher gifts and Remy and I attended Kids for Christ with her that morning.

Her class buddy!

Our pastor was there to do some music for the kids.

Rylie had early release so I had some new, fun Summer goodies for both girls to surprise them when Rylie got off the bus (I just used pool/beach things we already had for extra decoration to celebrate Summer kick-off!)

Saturday, June 3 was Remy's 3rd swim meet, another away one. I had to drop the girls off at check-in with friends and go park the car far away and walk back with all our chairs and bags and breakfast, etc. When I got to our friends tent where our girls were, Remy wasn't there. My friend said she found some hammocks next to us and wanted to check them out. She had just totally made herself at home there! They were on the opposing team too, so not even anyone we knew! Now she wants hammocks for Maine. Ha!

Ready to swim!

Warm-up dive

Ready for the real thing!

Baby girl killed it again!

She improved her time again!

After the meet, Rylie and I went on a "young lady" lunch at a fancy Chinese restaurant nearby. She thought she was so grown up and the food was so good! Loved getting to spend this one-on-one time with my big love.

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