Wednesday, May 17, 2017

STAAR Test, Carnivals, and Pirate Drama Play

I woke up at GS camp that Sun with no voice. I was getting over the worst sinus infection ever and all the campfire smoke on top of that just did me in. I didn't get my voice back until Wed!

Monday, May 8 was Rylie's first STAAR test! I made her a big, healthy breakfast and drove her to school that morning.

Ready to ace it!

She has been nervous about the STAAR test since meet the teacher night last Summer! She has been bringing home math workbooks to practice for weeks and even wrote a bunch of her own math problems on paper towels at camp the weekend before. So glad it's finally here and over with!

Making pretzel people at sister's gymnastics makeup class that evening.

Remy had a fun carnival day at school!

STAAR test day 2 on Tues. You got this, Rylie!

And day 2 of carnival day for Remy!

Thursday, May 11 was Rylie's drama club play, Pirates. 

She's front and center with red belt.

It was a really cute play and she did good. She didn't like her costume I threw together, but I was just following the guidelines they sent home for us! I didn't know some kids would show up in fancy pirate costumes instead :(

What a week!

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