Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Remy's Mock Meet and Rylie's GS Overnight with Bridging Ceremony

Remy had a great practice Friday, May 5 for swim team! 

She dove off the podium for the first time!

She honestly got up there twice and chickened out and cried at first, then said she was going to just dive off the side of the pool instead and next thing I knew, she was on the podium diving off!

And she swam so good too!!

Video of her first dive off the podium!

She even then tried backstroke, which she's never done before!

Popsicle treat after practice for doing so good!

Then early Sat, May 6 morning, was her time trials mock meet!

Rylie and I got her and David settled and then we had to head out early for our Girl Scout overnight camping trip! 

David did live video call when it was Remy's turn to swim and I wish I could say she did as great as she did at practice. However, she dove in great and had a strong start and they blew the whistle for false start. Unfortunately, Remy didn't know what that meant and kept swimming. Everyone started yelling at her to go back and get out. She just stopped in the middle of the pool with everyone yelling and started crying. She thought she did something wrong or was in trouble. She finally swam back and got out and just ran straight to David sobbing. Then they made an announcement there was a straggler swimmer. She refused to go back so she missed her turn to swim. They finally got her calmed down and back up there later. She dove in and then just decided not to swim and just grabbed onto the ropes and pulled herself across the entire pool! It wasn't quick either! Oh my word, it was torture watching all this helplessly an hour away on the phone! Poor girl!

GORP snacks when we arrived!

Creepy guy came up on us during campfire lesson. Found out it's called a skink. Yes, so weird!

Each girl got to learn to build and light their own campfires and we talked about campfire circle safety first thing!

Then we started on lunch!

So good! Chicken foil packets and fruit

Then the girls gave their moms the gift they made them, an emergency kit for their purse and to use at camp.

Then we went outside for our badge lesson on Team Tactics

Then explored the camp a little

Haunted house....the girls weren't impressed with this lol


The Dollhouse, which they thought was cool

Then finally the Gaga ball pit was open!

Then we headed back and hung out a little and gathered more wood for the dinner fire.


Smores for dessert

You know she loves smores when she's double-fisting!

Campfire skits

Then, "magically" the fire turned green. Ooooooo Brownie magic at Girl Scout camp! lol

Of course my kid would lose a tooth at camp and think the toothfairy was going to come there!

Breakfast with buddies!

This cracked me up. We had a lot of watermelon leftover and ran out of ziploc bags. So we left it all on a plate on the counter while we packed up and very quickly it was gone! Ha!

Their last walk as Brownies! :'(

We did our bridging/fly up to Juniors ceremony on the cute bridge at camp! 

Rylie is SO EXCITED and asked the next day if we could go buy her a green vest lol

Headed home!

Love this sweet note she put in my gift she gave me, in the emergency kit. It's my "emergency smile" if I'm having a bad day :)

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