Monday, May 22, 2017

Remy's Farewell Tour Last Week of School, Rylie's Field Day, & End of Gymnastics

Last week, Remy did a whole "farewell tour" for everyone working at her preschool. She started on Monday with mini bundt cakes for all the staff, school nurse (who we really appreciated being there this year!), specials teachers, librarian, etc.

After school I let her paint some flower pots I bought at Home Depot. Two pots and bases and a set of flowers to split were only $5.50!

And since it was the first night in forever that we didn't have somewhere to be (and would be the only night for awhile), we went to Culver's for dinner and redeemed some free ice cream coupons!

Tuesday Remy brought lotion and special lip balm to her morning and after care teachers, Miss Shana and Miss Diane. They both work both morning and afternoon, so we decided on little things every day for them!

Wednesday morning teachers got chocolates (for Miss Diane again and Miss Tracy and I couldn't get a photo of them) and afternoon teachers, Miss Laura and Miss Beth, pictured, got Starbucks giftcards!

Thursday was Rylie's field day and I was bummed I couldn't be up there for it, but I had to work. David tried stopping by at lunch break but couldn't make it either. She looked so cute in her new school hat though! So glad they did away with yearly shirts and we can buy a generic hat to wear every year now!

Remy insisted on walking Rylie down to the bus stop, holding hands. She said they'll do that every day next year!

Remy went off to school that morning with flowers for her morning care teachers, Miss Diane and Miss Shana again (and was dressed for her water day fun!)

And she gave the same ladies who did aftercare also some flower hand soap! They were so surprised by all the little treats all week. And then I got emotional picking her up that afternoon, her last extended care with those special ladies whom she's had for 2 years now!

That night I found a shopping bag in Remy's backpack and inside was a Vera Bradley purse, a scarf, and American Girl craft book. And a sweet note that these belonged to a special teacher's daughter, a teacher Remy has LOVED for 2 years and always asks about and wants to bring pictures and cookies to her house (she lives close to us lol) and Remy will miss so much. Remy was ECSTATIC when I read the card and told her who these were from. She's worn the purse nonstop since!

Friday was her last day of preschool and we went off with goody bags for her 2 main teachers in the Star class, Miss Tracy and Miss Allison. We gave them some of their favorite things!

It was also another water day!

Remy and Miss Stacie, whom she loves so much!

Church buddy Keaton

So sweet!

Former classmate girlfriends!

I'm so glad I was off work and able to attend one last chapel with Remy! Those moments attending with Rylie and Remy are so special to me and I'll remember them always.

And Remy taking selfies on my phone lol

The entire MWF crew!

Singing her last song, Shout to the Lord, one last time :'(

I left while they did some crafts and games and lunch and then came back for water time!
Remy and her teachers this year.

Then it was water fun!

Who knew shaving cream was THIS much fun?! 

Seriously, I'm just going to let her loose in the backyard with this this summer and then turn on the sprinkler. Who needs Disneyworld when you've got this?! Ha!

And they ended with popsicles, of course!

To say we'll miss this place is an understatement. It's been a part of our lives for 6 years and I can't believe I won't be making that commute really hit me when I got home and took out her car rider sign from my car, and deleted the alarm on my phone reminding me to pick her up on non-work days, and realized I didn't need to make sure her blue school shirt was washed every week.

Friday evening was Remy's last gymnastics class too and it was an awards showcase where everyone did routines and they handed out medals at the end.

Remy's beam routines (we showed up a little late because after school we went home and she got a bath and then fell asleep and it was hard waking her, she was exhausted! So she wasn't too familiar with the routine the others practiced for 10 min before we arrived.)

Video of beam routine


Video of bars


Video of floor


Her class photo (she's long sleeve pink on top, 2nd to right)

We had a good year in Kinderstars but are looking forward to taking a break this Summer!

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