Wednesday, May 3, 2017


March 1, Rylie has been tired after school a lot lately! 3rd grade is just taking it all out of her!

Pretty sunset that evening on our way to Ash Wednesday service

Our family after the service. Boy did Remy had a LOT of questions about what all was going on lol But Remy and I decided to give up pizza for Lent. HUGE thing for our Remster! Rylie couldn't decide on something and kept changing her mind. David gave up sodas.

March 3, Remy had a fever for just a day but had to miss her buddy from church, Braxton's birthday party because of it :(

March 4, Rylie and I worked another awesome cookie booth!

Then went to Mimi's house to celebrate Gaga's birthday!

This yummy lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting was so good!

Sunday, March 5 we recognized Girl Scouts at church for Girl Scout Sunday

They all said the Promise, Law, and then each said one thing they loved about GS or what it meant to them.

Rylie said she loves picking up trash lol Mostly she loves "making the world a better place."

Rylie and some friends also received their 3rd grade Bibles after completing a Bible class the past month!

And after the service, I hosted a My Promise My Faith workshop for several GS in our community and we learned about Moses's (Moses'?) mom!

Friends with their new Bibles!

She's SO excited about this Bible and asked me to hot glue a ribbon for a bookmark the second we got home. It was also our church's birthday, but we missed all the food and games due to our workshop lol

THEN that evening was Daddy Daughter Rock Out at church so David took them. He forgot about the Lent thing and let Remy eat pizza (she forgot too) but they all had a blast.

Her Bible bookmark ready to go!

March 6, crashing after school again!!

March 8, favorite outfit on Remy for Rodeo picture day

Rylie's spring portraits came in and are so cute!

We went up to her open house March 9 and she wrote this cute little book about Maine. It's hard to read, but click to open bigger and maybe you can make it out. 

More work on display in the hallway

March 11 I caught Remy playing "Girl Scout leader" with all her bears (who are named Claire, Bear, and Build-A-Bear, by the way). She was "reading" them Rylie's Girl Scout mystery book and playing troop meeting. Notice her little fake candle as the "camp fire" on the floor in the middle.

Later that morning I finally did something with my hair after nothing for 7 years

Then we drove out to a NEW Bush's Chicken 30 min from us! This is a piece of Waco brought to us! SOOO HAPPY!!!

March 12, did my new hair all pretty for church. Ha!

March 12, we celebrate Girl Scout's 105 birthday with a birthday theme cookie booth!

Playing dolls with neighbors that evening.

March 13, we kicked off Spring Break with some S'more attire

And this is how Remy felt about operation closet cleanout.

March 14, sweet sister snuggles in the morning!

Then we had to go back to the urgent care to finally get her medical tape off her head wound! It refused to come off on its own!

After! (And yes, they remembered me being the looney mom who passed out!)

Wed, March 15 we met up with friends at a new park in Kingwood for a playdate.

Attempting a photo of the kids

Moms group photo!

Then Rylie got a nice hair trim!

March 16, I took the girls and their doll of choice to lunch at American Girl!

Remy had never been before and was so excited!

She brought Samantha, her newest doll.

And Rylie did the same with Josephina!

The food was really good!

Desserts too!

Then Remy had a dentist appointment that afternoon (Rylie actually had one that morning before lunch too!) When you're too short for the x-ray

She was SO BIG and did GREAT! We finally found a great kid dentist we love! Remy exclaimed when they were done "That didn't hurt! I'm coming here forever! I want to be a dentist now!" Ha!

Friday, March 17 Rylie had an eye exam. They both tried on frames while we waited.

Then we headed out to shop for Summer clothes at Katy mills Mall. Rylie didn't really ride in this, just being silly for a photo!

Saying hi to the elephant!

Trying on her new wardrobe that night!

Tired girls the next morning!

March 18, working our last cookie booth!

And we sold out! A lady and her mom came and said they wanted to buy the last of our inventory and then turned around and started handing it all out for free. They said they both recently became life members and wanted to do something nice. Our girls were ECSTATIC!

March 20, Remy was ready to dress for Spring!

March 22, she wouldn't let me go at morning drop off!

Sat, March 25 Rylie and I attended Lake Houston Trash Bash again with 1 Girl Scout buddy and her mom!

Rylie has an idea! Don't litter!

We had fun and oddly, there wasn't as much trash as last year!

Lunch after the clean up!

Then she wanted to practice using the trash bags and technique she learned to pick up doggy poop. Only we don't have a dog, so she improvised. I swear, this girl!

The next day I had a migraine that lingered all day. By that night, I was DONE! I helped Remy pick out her school clothes via the video monitor. So thankful for that device still to this day!

March 28, Remy was excited for her "camping" field trip at school! And looked way too grown up!

March 30 was the first day Remy picked out a complete outfit, head to toe, that matched all the way. I was so impressed!

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