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Rylie has really gotten into the Kids for Christ program at her school on Friday mornings before school starts. Then she loves reenacting the entire thing Friday night before our family movie night for  us.

Feb 3

Feb 7 we attended our church's family bowling night and had fun with our friends!

Feb 8 Rylie looked adorable for picture day.

That afternoon we took a walk while my car got brake pads changed.

And met up with a Girl Scout buddy at a local park.

Feb 9, someone was tired after school!

Feb 10, Remy and I attended Rylie's Kids for Christ to help with the Valentine cards for a local nursing home.

Rylie did an amazing artwork and I can't believe it wasn't chosen for the Houston Rodeo Art show!

Feb 11 we met with Rylie's Kids for Christ group to deliver the cards at the nursing home before Rylie's Bball game. Remy was so cute and practiced the entire drive saying "Happy Valentine's Day. Jesus loves you."

Rylie and Jacie were so excited for their FIRST WIN this season! (and only win lol)

We tried out the local food truck festival after the game with Mimi and my panoramic photo failed lol

Sun, Feb 12 I took Rylie to a special ice skating event for Girl Scouts who sold over 100 Fall Product items.

And then we picked up her cookies she sold! We took this photo and made cute photo cards thanking every buyer.

Then we made her Valentine box for school. She really loves elephants right now! I asked why they're her favorite animal and she said because they can't jump. LOL

Mon, Feb 13 Remy had her first Vday party and I was able to attend.

All she wanted on her ice cream sundae!

Tues, Feb 14 both girls had parties at school but I had to miss them for work. David was able to stop by Rylie's briefly though.

Wed, Feb 15 was one of the worst days. I got a call from work from Remy's school about 1pm and they said Remy got hurt pretty bad on the playground, her head is cut open and she needs to get to the hospital, how soon could I get there. I immediately rushed out and called David who was a little closer since my work is an hour commute and he got to Remy quicker so I picked up Rylie early and met them at the urgent care.

She was sitting in my lap here and the Dr was opening her wound and rubbing it clean and the smell and sight of it all made me nauseous. 

I told David he needed to take her and I thought I was going to hurl so I handed her to him and as I stood up, I lost all feeling and hearing and fell to the ground. 

It was the weirdest feeling not feeling your body or controlling it and my hearing was fuzzy. Nobody seemed concerned though and Rylie just casually asked if I was dead! lol David helped me into a chair and this was my view as I regained consciousness.

The hot fuzzy feeling in my body slowly subsided and my hearing slowly came back as they glue our girl's head closed. She was such a trooper and never cried once! We all needed some froyo after that!

Remy was ok to head back to school the next day, Feb 16! I still felt queasy for another day, myself.

Oh and her wound was caused from her running on the playground as boys were chasing her and she looked behind her as she was running and ran full speed into the metal fence and a piece was sticking out. :(

Sat, Feb 18 was Rylie's last Bball game. Her and her coach, who she really liked.

They only won 1 game, but she LOVED it and can't wait to play again next year!

Then we headed straight to her first cookie booth of the season!

It was hot so we had froyo to cool off after!

Remy drew this and said "Look Mommy, it's me and Rylie." :)

Sun, Feb 19 Remy dressed herself for church.

I made her change and we were late. But I had to document this outfit choice first.

Mon, Feb 20 Remy tagged along on a Girl Scout field trip to the Houston Waterworks education center to learn about Water Conservation since it was a school holiday. She did so good on the scavenger hunt with the big girls.

Tues, Feb 21 was Remy's graduation picture day.

They turned out awful! And they originally were supposed to be later in the week but they moved the date up on us and we didn't have time for haircut before.

So we got a haircut that afternoon for picture take 2 the next day!

That night was Rylie's bball end of year "ceremony." They had photos from games on a slideshow.

Rylie's in white headband on the right photo.

Rylie's dribbling in the top right photo and is holding the ball in the bottom right photo.

Rylie's running in the gray jersey in the photo on the left, second photo down.

Rylie's holding the ball in the top right photo and standing with her back to us in the bottom left photo (#1)

Rylie's holding the ball in the top right photo.

Wed, Feb 21 was Remy's 2nd day of graduation pictures and she had a new haircut so we hopped for the best.

But still not what I hoped for :-/

They just don't even look like her! I bought the one with the cap here though and there's a chance we'll do a retake.

Feb 23, Remy just couldn't make it any longer at dinnertime!

That night I stayed up late with Rylie working on her planet project. She picked Earth and this was her first project to do completely on her own (I only cut the wedge out of the foam ball because it was HARD).

She had to make a model and find 5 facts about it and draw it and present to her class.

Ready for school with it!

Remy wanted to take Rylie's x-ray from when she broke her arm for her show and tell since they were learning the letter X!

Sometimes we forget to brush out teeth in the morning so Mommy always keeps Crest wisps in her purse and car for emergencies. They aren't as good a job as regular brushing, but it's something!

Feb 24, Rylie had a field trip to the Health Museum and I chaperoned it.

How far can you stretch

Running to make the wheel spin

Pedaling the bike to make the skeleton bike move

Seeing how loud they could scream in a sound proof booth

How long can you hang

She ended up lasting 30.8 seconds!

Spinning the wheel with your arms to make the ball rise up

Another cookie booth early Sat morning 2/25!

She picked her own outfit and looked really cute that day too!

Feb 26, sending my mom birthday love

Feb 27, Rylie did the cookie walkabout delivering cookies to neighbors and asking more if they still wanted some.

Feb 28 our church hosted a Fat Tuesday pancake supper and I volunteered to help with bacon. Four pounds of yummy bacon ready to go!

Remy and her buddy Aubrey at the supper

Rylie and Aubrey's big sister, Girl Scout troop member, Sophia

Hubby and I

And that's our February!

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