Friday, May 5, 2017


Saturday, April 1 I took Remy out to get Easter bunny pictures taken. Rylie declared she was too old this year :-(

Posing before we headed out!

Nailed it!

So weird to only see her in the photo tho!

Then we stopped by Toys R Us because she has had a giftcard for there for about 3 years! They were doing a promotion when we walked in with free lego sets to build. So she made an American Girl lego lounge chair and table set.

Then we cruised Target and this girl chilled in the cart with her smoothie and popcorn snack, just living the life!

She is the BEST errand buddy ever! No matter how many stores we go to, or how long we stay, she will still want to stay longer or go to more. She never complains and just goes with the flow and always has the cutest comments about everything. I love our errand times together!

That night the girls wanted to eat dinner outside since it was so pretty!

Rylie had a headache though, so Remy immediately got up to kiss it for her!

Sun, 4/2 the girls were in a cute Lord's Supper Easter play at church.

That afternoon I played legos with Rylie while Remy napped. She was so funny and is really an expert at these. I tried putting together the marketplace and she told me it looked like a thrift store because I did it all wrong! Ha!

Daddy left for a work trip for a few days so we treated to a quick Culver's dinner Sun 4/2!

Mon 4/3 I brought lunch to Rylie at school!

Wed, 4/5 I came into the kitchen in the morning and asked Remy what she was doing and she said "Practicing writing my name so it's pretty in Kindergarten." Ha!

Book club dinner with some local ladies! I'm glad it picked back up this year in Jan. Thank goodness for audio books that I can hear on the 3 hour commute to/from work or I wouldn't be able to keep up!

4/6 Rylie lost another tooth! We've honestly lost count at this point!

4/7 Remy LOVES getting a smoothie after school for snack! Or "smoovie" as she calls it!

Sat, April 8 was Remy's last gymnastics meet! She told everyone this was a BIG ONE because she was getting a trophy instead of another medal!

Sun, 4/9 was Palm Sunday so the girls helped wave the branches at church

Then egg hunt after!

They cleared the grass! I can't believe Rylie only has 2 more years of this and then she's too old :(

Church buddies!

Our Creed sign for Easter season

April 12 was Remy's first Easter party and I couldn't attend that one

After party!

April 13 was her 2nd one that I attended

And she was so cute in chapel!

That night we attended our church's 2nd annual Maundy Thursday service, always a good one!

Good Friday, April 14, Rylie got to be "Mommy" for the day. She made the comment a week before that all I do is laundry, so I told her she'd get to see and do what all I do then!

So that day she got to make us all breakfast, clean up and made sure others helped, laundry, getting everyone dressed, she even did mine and Remy's hair!

Lunch she made all by herself for her, Remy, and I!

At first she was all excited and acted like it was so much fun. But after lunchtime, she was over it! She had to put Remy down for a nap! Ha!

At the end of the day I asked what she learned and her first response was "You get onto Remy a lot." Then she said "You do more than just laundry." Gotta admit, it was nice having her help so much!

Saturday, 4/15 I took Remy to TWO birthday parties!

The first was her church buddy Keaton's at the trampoline play place.

Then a quick drive-thru lunch (since they had pizza at the first party and we both had 2 more days until Lent ended!) then the next party for classmate, Piper at Sweet N Sassy!

We had a sweet Easter Sunday with our girls, 4/16.

Remy refused to change out of her dress because she liked it so much and then crashed on me that afternoon.

We planned to do pizza Mon night, but decided since Remy did SO GOOD with giving it up for Lent (I mean, she had it HARD too with so many birthdays at school and they all brought pizza for lunch for everyone and she had to pack her own lunch instead and then Easter parties and other birthday parties. SO proud of her for sticking to it though, besides the accidental intake days after Lent started lol), we decided to surprise her and get it for dinner Easter night instead! So I went online and ordered, got email confirmation the store was making it and it'd be 45min. An hour later, no pizza. Called the place, no answer. Double-checked online they were open, no notice they were closed. So finally David drove out there and sure enough, they were closed!! He drove over to the nearest Papa John's and they were open and saved the day!

One excited little girl!!
(And had to use her new owl cup from her basket earlier right away!)

Mon 4/17 Rylie was excited to wear her new S'mores shirt to school!

Tues, 4/18 Remy started Rookie Camp for SWIM TEAM!! She was SO EXCITED and was bouncing off the wall when I picked her up from school that afternoon!

They look so tiny over there!

Rylie was so cute and wrapped Remy up and helped dry her off right away.

That evening was Kindergarten Round-up for Remy! They just went over what to expect in Kinder next year, what kids need to already know now to be ready, and the kids all sang songs in the music room. Then they got to tour the Kinder classes and meet all the teachers.

4/19 Day 2 of swim camp!

The new schedule of swim after a FULL day of school has caught up with Remy! I came out of my room to find her just sitting and crying in the living room. For no reason.

Sat 4/22 Rylie and I took a day trip to Waco just for the fun of it!

There were still some bluebonnets left up there!

And we visited the Mammoth Monument!

She was so cute and wanted to wear her Junior Ranger hat there!

Actual replica size of the kind of Mammoth found in Waco

Getting sworn in as a Junior Ranger!

Then we met our friends for some froyo after and got to catch up!

Can't visit without Uncle Dan's BBQ!!

Until next time, Waco! Hope to be back again soon!

Sun, 4/23 the girls changed themselves after church and were excited to wear their new white converse shoes they got for Easter! They have been wanting white ones for awhile and are so glad to have them!

Mon 4/24 we went to Remy's open house!

Love the food she picked for her picnic lunch! Ha! Gotta have pizza!

Sweet teachers!

Tues, 4/25 was her first official "real" swim practice! Like a pro already! Ha!

4/27 Rylie's Girl Scout troop, for their last troop meeting this year, made hurricane prep kits for their service project for our local community.

Then a few weeks later, Rylie and Teagan presented these to our community crime watch meeting and handed the kits to residents. They all loved them!

After the troop meeting 4/27, we rushed over to Remy's other open house! (She has 2 since she's technically a T/Th AND M/W/F and they had different things presented both nights)

April 28, Remy learned a new trick on the bar!

April 29 we went to see Rylie's artwork presented at the local Fine Arts Festival. She has one chosen every year!

Her basketball star!

April 30, we swam in the freezing water to help Remy practice!

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