Saturday, May 20, 2017

10 Years and Mother's Day

Friday, May 12 was our 10 year wedding anniversary! I CANNOT believe it's already been 10 years!
I got the idea about 6 months ago to retake some of our professional wedding photos. But I could not for the life of me find a photographer to do it! Grrrr! My first choice was out of town for work, 2nd choice was moving out of state the week before, 3rd choice rudely never responded to my multiple messages (never recommending her again!), and 3-4 others I messaged were 3x our budget! So I set up our tripod and took the darn things myself and I'm pretty please with how they turned out. :)

My favorite comparison!

And the girls wanted a silly photo

Some generic family shots too

My favorite!!! Love these sweet girls! They completely have my heart!

David got me flowers and wine. The girls were also so sweet in telling everyone at their schools it was our anniversary and were excited for us. Rylie even made us a card!

That night we headed to the Woodlands for dinner and to stay in a hotel for a fun little getaway.

We had the BEST dinner at Republic Grille. Even the girls loved everything.

This bruschetta was so good!

Girls and her A.1.

Mac and cheese and cornbread?!

David and his chicken fried steak

I split my steak with Rylie and had cornbread too. We also split the mashed potatoes and green beans.

They offer weekly dessert specials so we ordered that, the strawberry/red velvet layer cake. It was SO GOOD!

Check-in time!

The next morning we went down for breakfast and a lady took our drink orders while we checked out the buffet. Remy was so cute. When the girls and I went to our tables, our drinks were there and Remy said "I got a big girl cup too!" all excited. It's the little things! Ha!

Split my giant waffle with Remster.

Her and her "big girl cup!" We might have to start drinking from these at home lol

Then pool time!

David got in the hot tub with them and turned on the jets. The girls started freaking out and clung to each other for support and said "What's happening?!" lol

They had the whole place to themselves!

We let them swim for an hour and a half before we had to shower and check out. I mean, we could've been on the best vacation in the world according to them. Sometimes all they want is a simple hotel with a pool and their dreams have come true.

We did a little shopping for teacher gifts and they spent some of their money at the Disney store in the mall. Then we grabbed lunch at our new favorite, Sweet Tomatoes.

Remy, poor sheltered child, went off with Daddy to get dessert and came back with an ice cream cone and exclaimed "You can even EAT THE CONE!!!!" lol Day. Made.

Sunday, the girls got in bed with me when they woke up and then wanted to make breakfast. Rylie made pancakes all by herself for the first time. Without any supervision! She just ran into the kitchen where David had the griddle set up and ready, turned it on, added water to the Bisquick shake and pour bottle, and made a little batch of pancakes in about 10 min while I was getting up! Then she made me a cup of coffee too and gave me a sweet card she made at school. Bless this girl!

Cute card she made in church that morning too! I had to laugh, a "clothes heater" is a steamer because mine wouldn't work that morning when I tried steaming my dress. lol

When David got home from work we took a couple of pictures real quick on our way out to his mom's for lunch. I'm always the one taking photos so it was nice to have some of me and the girls for a change!

 Another great family one too!

And just a look back at my first Mother's Day with both girls and then this year. :'(

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