Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I swore going into this year I would blog once a week or month and stay caught up. Well, almost 5 months in and I haven't blogged once in 2017! Part of me wants to just be done with it, the other part of me LOVES being able to look back and see exactly what the girls did and have it documented how they've grown. So I'm going to TRY to keep it up this year, but I'm very nervous for what's ahead.

Just a quick recap of what my life is like right now (as I'm writing this April 24, 2017). I wake up and make sure Rylie is dressed, fed breakfast, lunch packed, backpack packed, water bottle, not looking like a total crazy (because girl sometimes goes rogue on what I picked out or can't do her hair to save her life) and get her on the bus at 7:15am. Then Remy and I each get ourselves dressed, I do both of our hairs, brush our teeth, pack our own lunches, coffee and waters to go and leave at 8am. I drop her off at pre-k at 8:15am and then drive to work, arriving 9:15-9:30 depending on traffic. I work until 2:30pm with a short lunch break at the office and drive straight to Rylie's school to get in carline at 3:20pm when she gets out. Then we go straight to Remy's preschool and pick her up 10 min before after care ends at 4pm. Then we usually go straight home to unpack, do homework, start dinner, or prep for Girl Scouts or church, eat, shower, and bed. But Remy just started swim team, so after picking up both girls, we head straight to the pool and Remy changes in the restroom. Swim practice is 4:30-5pm then we go home, she showers, I hang up her swim things to dry and start dinner. I barely have 10 min of spare time and have been doing so good at keeping up with laundry and house cleaning and finishing this Girl Scout year.

Here's where things will change soon. In June, I will start working full-time, 5 days a week and the girls will go to full time Summer care at a new place. I'm already having anxiety about that! We haven't been somewhere new in 6 years! Then this Fall, Remy will start Girl Scouts and I'll then be leading 2 troops! Yes, I'm totally crazy. 

So the rest of this Spring and Summer will be a test to see if I can keep up with blogging. Maybe I can start uploading on an app on my phone or something, since I only take pictures on it nowadays anyway!

Anyway, let's back up and get caught up on our January......

Shopping with Mommy on New Year's Eve day and trying on lipstick

New Year's party with the dolls

New Year's Eve at our home with just our little family!

They kept dozing off and waking back up, but barely made it to midnight!

Family movie New year's day!

Black eyed pea soup I make yearly

Then ice skating on the 2nd!

Then some shopping at American Girl!

They both wanted to use their bday/cmas money to buy a new doll!

Josephina for Rylie and Samantha for Remy

Do you think she loves her new Samantha?

Girls lunch at Bill's Cafe on Jan 3rd.

Remy got sick on Jan 6th and I had to pick her up early from school. She wouldn't even eat her lunch, but thankfully was fine the next day.

Rylie "attempted" to load the dishwasher herself ;-)

January 7th David took me out to celebrate my bday. Dinner at our fav, PF Changs

and cupcakes at Crave!

Then I got sick on my actual birthday and spent it in bed. I barely made it out to dinner that night because the girls were really looking forward to it! Remy planned my birthday like 6 months prior and said I should have a "lobster" birthday since I love them so much. So I wore my lobster shirt and earrings and they took me to Red Lobster.

I shared my dessert (and the girls asked the waiter to sing to me all on their own! I love how excited they get for other's birthdays!)

My work surprised me with yummy cookies delivered on Tues, Jan 10. I never knew my life was missing those before then! Seriously tho, those red velvet ones!

Jan 11 Rylie took her bus driver a little gift and card. He gave every kid on his bus a blanket for Christmas. How sweet was that?!

Just a cute one before school Jan 12

Rylie's baseball card arrived!

Reorganized the "dollhouse" in our upstairs bonus room! (Click to view larger) We've made more updates since this photo was taken too!

Spontaneous lunch date with hubby Jan 13

And homemade kiddie pack for family movie night, something we started the first Friday in Jan and have done every week since!

Jan 14 - I don't remember why she got froyo, but she looks cute with it! lol

Mon, Jan 16 the girls were out for MLK so we met up with friends for a playdate at a local park.

Course this girl finds a bar and does gymnastics!

Even I had fun lol

Group photo attempt

Rylie fell asleep after school Jan 17

So Remy and I kept busy and quiet doing her hair and nails in my bathroom lol

Sat, Jan 21 was the first time our girls had an activity at the same time so David and I had to split up. David took Rylie to basketball game and I took Remy to her 2nd gymnastics meet!

She was very excited Grandaddy and Deedee could make it too!

Thur Jan 26 Remy's school was closed for teacher training so she came to work with me.

My boss and Remy at lunchtime lol

And Remy after lunch on the floor by my desk! She is so good to bring up there with me. Love that she still naps when she gets the chance to!

Friday Jan 27 her school was still closed so we had a day together.....doing a workout dvd

Making Mommy a goal chart to help motivate me!


Cleaning out the kitchen craft cabinet for the girls

Grocery shopping

And nap

Looking cute as ever for her game Jan 28!

Made a happy plate and got dessert, finally on Jan 29! Girl loves her some ice cream!

And just one of my favorite outfits on her, heading to school Jan 30.