Friday, December 30, 2016

Winterfest and Journey to Bethlehem

Saturday, December 17 was a BUSY day!

We had cookies with Santa early, neighborhood Winterfest, Journey to Bethlehem at Remy's preschool church, Rylie's basketball game, Christmas lunch with Grandaddy and Deedee (I didn't get any photos at lunch tho), then prep for our Sunday School Christmas party we hosted.

Cookies with Santa and storytime

Then the fun stuff at the Winterfest! New this year were hamster balls!

Rylie and David racing

Then Remy

Rylie reached the top on the rockwall

Their favorite thing to do!

Train ride

Photobooth attempt lol Remy said "How come there's no me?" Poor little shorty!

Then we scooted to Journey to Bethlehem at Remy's preschool church. We thought it was just a walk-thru kinda thing with booths set up or something, but it was NOT! It was a "legit" Bethlehem visit!

When we first arrived, we had to sign in for the "census."

Then we had to go to the campfire and read some scriptures and then an angel appeared and told us baby Jesus was born and we should go find him.

So we went to the "market" and asked around for him (Remy's preschool director is in the purple and yellow ensemble as one of the women at the well)

We found the baby outside in the stable!

And the live donkey they rode in on!

Then we got to explore the market some more

Grinding grains

Trying out foods from Biblical times

Making some cute crafts

Then we had to rush out for Rylie's basketball game (see previous post about that). Such a fun family outting this morning!

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