Friday, December 2, 2016

This Is Halloween!

Thursday, October 27 was Remy's first Halloween party at school for the Tu/Thur kids. I couldn't go because I had to work, so I just took this photo at drop off. I asked her if she wanted to wear any of the million dress up things we have at home and she chose this Strawberry Shortcake dress she's been wearing for like 3 years lol

That evening we did a cute Halloween craft at Rylie's Girl Scout meeting to celebrate the founder, Juliette Low's birthday which is on Halloween!

Black and orange day at Remy's school Friday, October 28

That night, Remy's gymnastics class was all Halloween themed! They said kids could wear a costume, but Remy wanted to go as Madison Kocian from the Olympics Women's team lol So she just wore her patriotic leotard and of course, we forgot her medal from the gymnastics show. So everyone just thought I was slacker mom who's kid was the only one "not dressed up." But Remy didn't notice and didn't care!

They did a little parade around the gym and then took off their costumes and had regular class.

I finally made my first homemade caramel apples that weekend. I had my first one ever last year and asked the girl for the recipe this year because the premade ones at Kroger do NOT stand up to these homemade ones!

Monday was Halloween!!

I made Rylie a cute little lunch (no idea why this won't turn right!) with pumpkin shaped sandwich, chocolate chip face, crackers and Halloween-shaped pepperoni and cheese pieces, and "crushed spiders" aka chopped black olives, along with pumpkin-applesauce pouch!

Remy had another party at her school for the MWF kiddos and I got to attend! I kinda urged her to wear this cute dress that she wanted me to buy at a consignment sale in either Spring or Summer. It's her last school Halloween party EVER! :'(

It was a creepy foggy Halloween morning!

Rylie's teachers sent me this photo of them with her. They said kids could dress up as their favorite storybook character and bring a pumpkin either decorated or carved to match the character. So we went with Charlotte's Web and her teachers were also dressed in the same theme!

My picture I took before she got on the bus that morning

Remy's school started with a costume parade that morning. Oh the look on her face when she saw me! 

She told me that morning she wasn't excited for her other Halloween party because I wouldn't be there, but she was excited for this one because I would be there!

Then I killed time and grabbed some coffee before heading back to her school for the party! I got there a little early still and her class was playing a game.

Then we went to chapel! Don't know why Remy had an attitude here when I tried taking pictures of her and some friends.

Then they did the party in her classroom with lunch

And decorated a sugar cookie (Remy said hers is an octopus and she put 8 candy corn pieces on to be the tentacles. She was so cute doing it because she'd add like 4 pieces, then count 1-2-3-4, then add a 5th and started over....1-2-3-4-5, then add the 6th and count again. lol)

Pumpkin decorating too!

Then they went to the gym to play a lot of games

And a pinata!

Their faces when the pinata string broke and it fell!

Candy time!

After school, the girls and I carved our pumpkin, FINALLY!


Then the girls helped make a Halloween-themed dinner!

Mummy hot dogs, cheetos, and pumpkin face mandarin oranges

Trick or treat time!

Our loot we left for trick or treaters

(In case you don't already know, the teal pumpkin means we have non-candy things for kids with allergies!)

Heading out!

My friend had this at her house lol

Rylie was brave and went to the "scary garage" aka "creepy clown" house again this year!

Remy would have nothing to do with it!

They were asking to go home at 7:20 and I'd planned to be out until 7:30 so that worked out perfectly. Remy wanted to hand out candy all by herself while we visited with neighbors in the street.


Then we put the girls to bed and I had MY own Halloween treats

And watched Hocus Pocus, of course!

The next day was 50's day at Rylie's school and they said kids could dress up so of course she wanted to wear her poodle skirt and match her doll Mary Ellen (which stayed at home!)

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