Friday, December 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Feasts Galore!

We had a lot of Thanksgiving feasts to attend this year!

David volunteered to cook a bird for one of Remy's school feasts.

Wed, Nov 16 Rylie had a feast at her school that David attended with her.

Thur, Nov 17 I took off work to attend Remy's with her and David was able to make it too.

All the 4's classes did a cute program first and her face when she saw us!

Then walking to the feast and through the dessert room!

Remy's like "What took yall so long to walk through the dessert room?" lol All she wanted was pumpkin pie!

Love their placemats every year!

Course all this girl would eat was the role!

Gots her pie!

I had the BEST dessert. I've never had anything like this before. It was like a blueberry banana cream cheese deliciousness on a graham cracker crust. Seriously wish I knew who made that and get the recipe!

Remy's teachers sat with us for the feast

And Remy's teacher from last year, Miss Stacie came by to say hi!

Fri, Nov 18 Remy had another feast since she goes 5 days a week (they do one for T/Th kids and one for MWF kids and since it's my FAV event, and we couldn't see Remy really good on stage, we attended both!)

Much better view of our girl (center with necklace on)

Walking with Mimi, who also got to attend, and her class friend to the feast

More desserts!

Another adorable placemat! So sad this is our last one!

Again with the roll....

Sweet girlfriends!

A lot of her friends were staying to play after the feast, so I went ahead and let Remy stay so I could run some errands. I came back to get her and all the girls were sitting on the window so cute (and apparently we missed the purple memo! Ha!)

Her teachers

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