Friday, December 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Break and Turkey Day!

We kicked off Thanksgiving break with Girl Scout cookie university with Rylie's troop.

Then went to buy our Thanksgiving ingredients!

Grocery shopping with a 5 year old is always fun, no?

The girls and I went to see the Trolls movie which is SO cute! Remy has already decided she wants a Trolls party when she turns Sep!

Remy creeping in Rylie's room on the video monitor

Putting on a puppet show with a blanket over the gymnastics bar

Going to Mudpie to make a Christmas gift for Grandaddy and Deedee (seriously, the most stressful time of my life LOL and the reason I only took 1 photo!)

Making pumpkin muffins from scratch!

Thanksgiving day parade! Rylie always dances to it :)


New table setting with our new Pioneer Woman dishes and tablecloth and napkins and napkin rings.

Girl Scout float for the first time in Macy's parade!

Thanksgiving crafts to keep them entertained between parade floats

I will cry when they no longer do this.....Santa's arrival!

Alright, food's ready!

Again with the bread.....this girl!

My meat and potatoes girl!

More turkey day fun!

I did some shopping late that night and found some great things! Favorite was the scooter our Angel Tree girl asked for!

We had another great Thanksgiving!

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