Friday, December 30, 2016

Shooting Hoops!

Rylie has been begging to play basketball since last February, when she season was over. So we finally signed her up for this Winter!

On October 8, she had an evaluation so they could place her on a team. She was so excited and practiced that morning before going!

Getting sized for her jersey.


November 7 was her first practice and meeting her coach and team. She SO excited her friend from church is on her team!

On December 10, she had her first game!

Let me just say, I've always hated basketball. Like really hated it. In Junior High, it was kinda mandatory for all girls to be on the school team and I cried and begged to be a coach helper or something. I've never even been a big sports watcher, yelling at the TV person either. Maybe a little during the Summer olympics, but that's it. WELL, it turns out having my daughter play in her first ever competitive sport has made me one of those annoying sports yelling parents! Rylie's first game was a GOOD GAME! It was so intense and I was yelling and stressed the entire time. lol They ended up losing 22-24 but Rylie did SO GOOD. Turns out she's actually really good at it!

Goofing with friends before the game.

Announcing the players and coach

Love that they pray before each game!

Go Rylie!

Family pictures after.

Her second game Dec 17 was the most terrible thing I've ever seen. Oh my word, it was awful. The girls on the other team were GOOD and had obviously played for years....shooting layup after layup. We couldn't even keep the ball. The scorekeepers literally just stopped giving the other team points because it was so bad. I think the final score said 24-6, but really they should've been in the 30's!

Rylie trying to pass the ball

Sad girls after another loss.

So glad Grandaddy and Deedee made it to see her game! It was definitely entertaining!

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