Friday, December 30, 2016

School Christmas Merriment

Here's all the school Christmas fun from both girls' schools this year!

Remy's school Santa picture

PJ days

Rylie performed in her school drama play for the first time. They did "Party in a Pear Tree."

Her drama teacher

Remy sang in her preschool's sweet Christmas program too.

At the end all the alumni got to go up and sing the final song, Rylie's last time to do this ;'(

Merry Christmas!

And last-minute Santa requests after Remy's program

Really wish Rylie had changed after school now! lol

Surprised the girls afterwards with Frozen Yogurt!

Remy had her first Christmas party at school on Thurs, Dec 15 but neither David or I could go. Thankfully her teachers took several photos of all the fun!

When Rylie and I picked her up that afternoon, she said she had 2 candy canes from her party that friends gave her but she saved one for Rylie because Rylie didn't have a party that day. Sweetest girl!

Both girls had school Christmas parties on the same day, Friday December 16!

They were first surprised with treats from Dina!

Heading out with teachers' gifts!

First Remy and I attended Rylie's party since it was at 9:15am!

Then we hopped over to Remy's school for chapel and her party!

Then we headed back to Rylie's school for a conference where the teachers had leftover donuts and Remy scored big with them! lol

So glad for Christmas break finally!

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