Friday, December 30, 2016

Rylie's New Business and Other Cell Phone

Rylie has been saying all year she wants to sell bookmarks to make money. Except she started out just cutting rectangles from paper and coloring them. I told her if she really was serious about this, we needed to come up with some super cute ones that nobody can just make on their own. So she searched YouTube one day on our smart TV and found a tutorial and practiced a lot and set a goal to sell a bunch at our neighborhood garage sale!

Making different options for display and a "Tips" cup lol

How the bookmarks work on the corner of a page!

Making her sign the night before the garage sale.

Staying up late the night before to perfect her "booth"

Up early in the morning and ready to go!

Her first customer!

I posted on our community FB about Rylie's booth and a local businessman stopped by to wish her luck, buy 2 bookmarks and give her some businessman-to-businesswoman tips!

I kid you not, this girl ended up selling over the next 2 weeks 31 bookmarks! She got so overwhelmed and burned out lol But I'm so proud of her because she had this idea and goal and she made it happen!

Other cell phone photos from November.....

Remy's brown and yellow day at school

Wednesdays are exhausting!

Rylie and our friend, her school nurse, Jessica at her school boosterthon fun run!

Course this girl ran the entire thing!

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