Friday, December 2, 2016

Rylie is NINE?!?!

I can't believe my precious baby girl who made me a Mommy turned 9!!

Rylie is such a precious girl. She takes everything too seriously but has the sweetest, most tender heart for others. She's emotional and independent and always looking for another project to do. She has so many goals for her life ahead and I believe she can accomplish them all if she sets her mind to them. She's so smart and funny and clever. She loves to sing and has no dance rhythm, but still dances like nobody is watching. I wish I had her confidence to wear some of the mismatched outfits and crazy hairstyles she picks out, God love her. She's an excellent eater now, thank goodness! (I don't remember if I mentioned here we went through a little thing with her in February where she was afraid of food and afraid it would make it her sick and was losing weight. Swim team helped her work some of that anxiety out and got her appetite back. It's stronger than ever now!) She loves her little sister more than anything.....and gets so frustrated with her a lot too when she doesn't listen to her! She's such a good little "Mommy" to her though and when Remy was having trouble writing a couple of letters in the alphabet, Rylie wrote a bunch of the letters in dotted form for Remy to trace to practice and help her learn them. All on her own. I'm so thankful she made us parents 9 years ago. She's the best first daughter we could have ever asked and hoped for! Love her to death and can't wait to see what her life ahead will be!

She woke up to surprise donuts for breakfast on her birthday, October 19!

And Daddy came to have lunch with her for the first time and brought her her choice!

Then we took her to her choice for dinner, and she chose our new MOD Pizza!

Then home for presents!

David and I bought her some Russian birthday cards from the Houston Russian store!

"nesting doll" measuring cups!

Box filled with Russian chocolates

And a surprise!

Remy's card

And Remy got her the purse she's been wanting for, as she says, "when she travels" lol

And a Russian calendar with beautiful pictures she can hang up in her room

She's all about "I can do it myself! I'm not a baby!"

Happy birthday, precious girl!

Then that Friday we took her to the Russian store and she picked out her own, real Russian matryoska dolls! And we got some things for her big birthday dinner the next night!

Saturday, Rylie helped me with her dinner prep!

Homemade chicken kievs!

 And the girls decorated nesting doll cookies

Table is set!

Her Russian display and birthday cake she picked out!

Waiting for her guests to arrive!

All Rylie wanted for her birthday was a Russian dinner party with her grandparents (and to later spend the night in a hotel and swim in the indoor pool!) She didn't want a party with friends this year. So that's what we planned! We were sad David's dad has been ill and they couldn't make it last-minute though.

Russian wines

Explaining the different courses we'd serve

First off, Olivier salad for the salad course!

It had bologna sausage, carrots, celery, corn, peas.....kind of like a pea salad almost? It was good!

Next was Borscht soup for the soup course

I can't believe Remy actually tried some!!! 

It was better than I expected, honestly! Everyone loved this!

Then the main course of Chicken Kiev, Pollentas (dumplings) and mashed potatoes. And we had a Russian rye bread on the table too.

After dinner, Rylie opened a couple of presents.

A painters palette charm from Mimi's neighbor

Russian coloring books from Mimi with prisma sticks



And she got some Russian coins from my Mom

Then it was time for dessert!

And tea!

Her birthday dinner turned out so great! Thankful for the Russian restaurant in Houston where I ordered most of the food from! Ha! And thankful for everyone for celebrating our girl's special day!

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