Friday, December 30, 2016

Remy's 1st Gymnastics Meet!

November 12, Remy had her first "competition meet!"

Ready to go in her team leo and new gym bag and water bottle!

She got to wear some of Mommy's lipstick for the big day!

Lineup for stretches with her class!

First was floor exercise!

Then vault (she's the upside down blur on the blue floor lol)

Then bars, her favorite and best apparatus!

And I only got video of beam, no pics.

Lineup for medals at the end! She was SO excited to get a medal!

Family photos with her ribbons after. Everyone gets a medal for competing and ribbons, but the different color ribbons are based on how well they did, so they're not participatory, rather earned! Of course she got the highest score on 2 and next highest score on the other 2!

Flowers from Mommy and Daddy!

She absolutely loved the meet, although she was a little nervous (for the first time ever!) but said she wants to do more this year!

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