Friday, December 2, 2016

Pumpkin Patch, Neighborhood Fall Fest, Church Trunk or Treat

First I need to backtrack to this video from October 4 at our neighborhood National Night Out event. The girls were both rock climbing and check out the way Remy pulls herself up without using her legs! Girl has some arm muscles!

Ok, back on track now....

Saturday, October 15 was our neighborhood Fall Festival!

Cute girls playing in Mommy and Daddy's bed in the morning! Lots of Saturday morning giggles are the best!

We stopped by my friend's house before the festival to take pictures in her photo booth set up!

Then to the festival!

Picking out our pumpkin to take home

Remy just walked up to this and said "take my picture!" then cheesed real big LOL

Family photo booth pics

Train ride!

Then Rylie wanted to try again at the costume contest. She begged and begged for months to be Amelia Earhart for Halloween and what do you know, they make a kids costume for it!

And she won 2nd place, AGAIN! For the THIRD time! lol

Still proud of our girl for sweating to death in this costume and giving it another try!

Then that evening was our Girl Scout Halloween party!

Rylie and I represented the 20's and 30's that night.

Our troop had the best time and it really was the most fun this year, now that they're older and knew what to do there. It was more relaxing this year, for sure!

Getting their dance on! Notice they're the ONLY ones on the floor! LOL They just couldn't wait to get out there right away!

Of course the floor was packed after eating dinner!

That night was the BRIGHTEST moon I'd ever seen. I couldn't even get a really good photo of it, because it was so bright. It was called the Hunter's Moon. So cool!

Sunday, October 23 I took the girls after church to take pumpkin patch pictures at our favorite place

And Rylie wanted to do the maze

Uh-oh! Dead end! lol

Wednesday, October 26 was Bible Study night at church and they requested "spooky food" as the theme so I made bagel bites with cut up black olives on top to be spiders! They were a big hit!

Saturday, October 29 was our church's Fall Festival and trunk or treat. Our first year to do a trunk and I was SO excited! I put so much work and thought into our trunk!

Here's the girls dressed up for it! Remy got to wear Rylie's old police costume and I bought Rylie an eye mask to be the robber this time.

Rylie and David drove the police car from our house to the church, maybe 4-ish blocks distance away?

We did all the fun game booths first 

Rylie won a pecan pie at the cake walk and just HAD to have some right then!

And Remy stole a cupcake from the cake walk that she did NOT win. And in her police outfit too! Tsk tsk! (I ended up dropping some money their way for it)

Then it was time for trunk or treating!

Our trunk!

The stupid wind kept blowing my BANK sign

Inside the "vault"


Sadly, we didn't win any of the 4 awards for our trunk :( But it was fun doing this as a family for the first time!

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