Friday, December 2, 2016

Kellogg's Gymnastics Tour of Champions!

Friday, September 30 I picked the girls up from school a tiny bit early for a special surprise! Remy started crying when I picked her up early because she wanted to stay and play and Rylie was just super confused and kept asking a million questions about what was going on as we walked out to the car.

Here's video of me telling them their surprise....

We went to a Kroger about 30 minutes away and got in line an hour early and were around number 70-something in line to meet Simone!

I have free streaming of Netflix on my phone so I brought the girls headphones and snacks and water bottles and they watched Zootopia while we waited.

Got our wristbands! We're in now!

Finally our turn to come inside! The place was packed with news crews, security, and Simone's "detail peeps" lol


Simone told me Remy walked up to her and asked "Where's Simone?" LOL She didn't recognize her without her gymnastics attire on! Also, Simone is TINY in person!!

They wouldn't let us take our own photos but they gave everyone free prints!

And one with me too! Hey, I didn't go through all this trouble to not have my photo taken with her too!

And the picture she autographed for everyone

Then we grabbed dinner and headed to the Toyota center for the show!

We had great seats!

Got our souvenirs checked off the list. The girls wanted medals like the Olympic ones so they each got that.

And a souvenir book to remember this day! It lists all the participants and their info and great photos of the show in case I missed getting good ones.

There they are!! The US Women's Olympic team, announced last of course!!!

The men's team started off performing

Then the women!

The rest are shots throughout the show....there was the Olympic rhythmic gymnastics girls, the Olympic acrobatic gymnastics couple, Olympic trampoline gymnastics couple (who knew that existed?!), and men's national team as well as former Olympic gymnastic stars too!

When they asked for a volunteer from the

But this lucky girl was chosen instead! Sigh.....maybe next time, Remy!

She started to get whiney and wanted to sit in my lap but I was trying to take a lot of pictures, so I finally gave her her lovey I had hidden in my bag!

Men's team dancing....

Simone performed her entire Olympic floor routine!

Acrobatic and rhythmic girls again

Women's team and then everyone in the finale...

FIVE minutes before the entire show ended.....we were pushing 10 o'clock by now!

The end!

After the show, I asked Rylie if she wanted to walk down and try to get some autographs. She was hesitant, but wanted to try. Remy was asleep so I was carrying my big backpack and her and trying to help Rylie through the crowd.

She was just standing back so polite and I said "Get in there, girl and hold your book out!"

She got one autograph from a guy on the men's national team! We kept yelling for Shawn Johnson to come over, but she kept staying on the other side, darn her!

This little one finally woke up so I took this photo. Maybe one day she'll be on a big gymnastics stage, herself!

It took us well over an hour to get out of there and home, but these girls had the best day of their life (me too!) and I hope they cherish it forever. I know I will!

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