Friday, December 30, 2016

Dina's Back and The Polar Express

The night of Thanksgiving the girls left our elf, Dina some treats for when she'd arrive the next morning!

She's back!!

She brought goodies for the girls too!

And loved her piece of pie!

The girls were excited when they woke up! 

Breakfast and Gilmore Girls revival was first on our agenda, of course!
(And what a HUGE disappointment THAT was, lemme tell ya! Ugh!)

Then Saturday morning we left on a special trip! Dina, our elf brought us tickets to the Polar Express train ride and hotel stay!

Stopping for lunch at my FAV! Finally got some corn nuggets!

We have arrived!

Funny story, Remy had just seen the movie for the first time at school earlier in December and they watched it again on the drive up. I told Remy we'd pretty much do everything from the movie and Remy said "even the dangerous stuff?" lol NO, not the getting on top of the train chasing down a ticket part! But leave it to Remy to ask that!

Our train is here!

So excited!!!

The girls got gold tickets just like on the movie!


Time for hot chocolate!

"We've only got one rule! Never, ever let it cool!"

They played all the music from the movie as we trekked along to the North Pole!

Hobo from the movie

North Pole arrival!!

I explained to the girls this isn't THE north pole, rather A north pole that Santa visits to see us.

We really were eager to do this train this year because I really think it's the last year Rylie will believe. It was sweet hearing her tell Remy "This is the REAL Santa. The mall Santas aren't real, they just work for him. But this one is THE REAL one!"

Dancing with the cooks!

Santa has arrived on our car!

Getting their bells

Back at the depot

I hope they remember this forever! Such a special family trip!

Then we headed to the Woodlands to our hotel, stopping at Buc-ee's first!

Hotel tree in the lobby

We got to our room and Remy said "Our room has an elf!" and Rylie said "That's OUR elf! That's Dina!" Followed by screams and jumping up and down!

Rylie asked for her birthday just a Russian dinner with grandparents and to stay in a hotel and swim in the pool. Well, we were booked every weekend in Oct and this was the first weekend in Nov we were free so we made it happen! Poor Remy told me she grabbed her pool floaties when we left the house, but she only grabbed 2 pool noodles and the entire pool was 4 ft deep. So Remy just hung out on the steps. She tried swimming a little with the noodles, but it wasn't happening.

Then David picked up some yummy PF Chang's dinner which we ate in our room to Disney channel movies and had the best time!

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