Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Parties, Tea, and Kids Church Program!

Thur, Dec 1 Rylie's troop had their Christmas party. It was also the deadline for their blanket drive service project. I think they ended up making/collecting about 22? Such a great job!

Since we have the PICKIEST eaters in our troop, they all finally agreed on a nachos bar!

Then we had a dance party upstairs and they earned the dance badge!

Love this troop!

Mon, Dec 5 was the annual Christmas Tea. It's my favorite event and this year I couldn't get anyone to cohost with me and had a hard time even getting people to attend my table, which was a bummer. But once I got there and heard the music and speakers, I felt more fulfilled! So glad I still hosted and attended!

A few other tables...there were over 20 total

My table's attendance

Tues, Dec 6 was the downtown Humble Christmas parade and our troop wanted to walk it again! My coleader and I made them all matching tutus and everyone got white shirts and leggings to match the theme "Silver Bells." Thankfully the weather was nice and we finished a lot earlier than last year!

Saturday, Dec 17 was our Sunday school Christmas party at our house and I only got 1 group picture the entire night! It was fun and we might do it again next year!

Sun, Dec 18 was the children's program at church! It was so cute!

And just more random Christmas-y pictures! 

Dressed up for pictures at school

Accidentally color-coordinated for church

Finally got the inflatables our elf brought us set up!

Decorated my office at work

Rylie and Remy take turns doing this calendar every morning

Baby girl wanted to get on the nice list! She pulled out this trash bag on her own and said "We need to take this out. It's getting full!" Then she insisted she put it in the bin outside. I came in to put a bag in the trash can and saw she'd already done that!

Bundled up for school for Remy and for visiting a MOPS meeting for me. It was so great to be back and see everyone again for their Christmas meeting. It was really special to hear such a number of people say they were glad to see me or they missed me.

Candy cane cuties for church

Remy came up to me one morning and said, "Mommy, I need to talk to you. I want to play tic tac toe." And so we did!

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