Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Break

The first week of Christmas break, Rylie came to work with me Tu-Thur and Remy attended a gymnastics camp Mon-Fri!

Remy's first day of camp I heard her coming down the stairs and she said, "Don't even worry about it. I look like Christmas." lol Ok then! She looked cute in the Santa had Deedee gave her!

Rylie and I baked cookies all day (we saved 1 batch for Remy to help with that night) and she got really into the mistletoe this year. She keeps holding it over her head so everyone can give her kisses lol Then she said she wanted to make a special, unique ornament and hand-drew this angel from a picture in a book!

First day of work with Mom on Tues was exhausting I guess!

Remy LOVED camp everyday and she's the upside down blur in this photo who didn't want to go home and hid under the trampoline when I told her to get her shoes on!

Wed night my church did a special, small service for those who can't make it for the Christmas Eve service. It was really sweet and glad we attended.

Rylie loves taking the stairs at my work....all 5 flights!

Rylie is such a sweet big sister. Remy asked me if she could bring a dollar to camp and buy a treat from the vending machine. At first I said no because she doesn't know how to use the machine, but she said coaches there help the kids. Rylie just went up and got one of her own dollars and gave it to Remy to get a treat with. Now Remy has plenty of her own money, but Rylie just did this as a sweet big sister.

Spending 7 hours at camp every day with no nap caught up to Remy for sure!

Friday, December 23 our neighbor friends all got together for a cookie decorating party!

Our finished tray

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