Friday, December 30, 2016

After Christmas Shenanigans

We spent all of Monday putting away all the new things and washing all the new dishes! Feels good to have everything in it's place!

That evening Rylie begged to go walking with me. She got a new "fitbit" kid step tracker for Christmas and it's her favorite thing. She's obsessed with how many steps she takes now! But it was such great motivation for me to get back into walking again, so I went by myself the next night too!

Remy went to work with me Tues for the first time. She was SO giddy all morning about having a day with me. She brought her babies and napmat and after lunch I played classical music on my computer and turned off the lights and she conked out while I finished working. She was SUCH a big girl while up there, but said it was boring lol

Rylie made us dinner that night with some of her new kid cooking tools. She didn't want to make anything out of her new cookbook though and instead wanted to make a complicated sesame chicken recipe lol

I had to run up to HEB and get burn gel because 3 of us got splattered with oil.

But her dinner turned out really yummy! She said cooking was exhausting lol

Sent my mom a picture wearing the new leggings she gave me for Christmas

Rylie LOVES her new bedding and throw pillows and throw blanket! She tells me everyday that she can't stop looking at her bed lol She is DONE with pink and wants it all out and her bedding was a main thing.

Thursday evening the girls finally opened their oysters they got for Christmas! We've kinda been obsessed with this lady who does oyster opening parties live on Facebook a couple of times a week. So we've been dying to open our own oyster someday and see what pearl is inside! Mimi got the girls these kits so they could open their own!

Video of them pretending to be the pearl lady lol


Still can't believe Rylie actually got a rare dark one!

And Remy loves that hers is light!

The kits came with necklaces the pearls fit into and they both wore them right away!

Then they had a mermaid slumber party on the couch with their new tail blankets!

Checked on them later and found Remy and her new babydoll from Santa. She named her Isabella and she got another doll from Mimi that she keeps telling me "is NOT a baby, she's 3" and named her Ally. Precious girl!

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