Friday, November 18, 2016

School Extravaganzalorious and more August

Remy doing her gymnastics moves while watching Gabby Douglas do hers at the Olympics!

Tired girl after Summer camp!

Back to school haircuts!

Then we went to lunch with Mimi

And back to school clothes shopping!

They actually got into it this year and at first they both wanted all the same, matching outfits. Then they started picking their own things.

Mommy forgot the stroller at home!

And while eating a cookie snack, someone lost their FIRST TOOTH!

She was NOT happy about it though!

Ice cream makes everything better!

Rylie and I did an art project she's been wanting to do since Spring Break and fix a horrible painting class she went to piece!

Showing sister how the tooth fairy pillow and door work

And Rylie left her a note and things she wanted to show her since it's been so long since the fairy visited Rylie! (Now, in November, the toothfairy has returned to visit Rylie TWICE!)

Errands at the her name on her new things for school!

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