Sunday, November 20, 2016

Remy Starts Pre-K

Took Remy to lunch with her friend Kate so they could play and hang out before their Pre-K started and they'd be on different schedules and wouldn't see each other much!

Remy's last day at Miss Patty's!

Headed to meet the teacher and not happy with what Mommy picked out for her to wear! 

Happy to see her girlfriends from last year though!

Checking out her new class!

And teachers!

And more cute photos because I'm in love with this outfit I put together for her. 

Then that weekend, we did something we've never gotten to do before......go see a movie as a whole family! We took the girls to see Secret Life of Pets. Rylie and I had already seen it, but Remy and David hadn't and Remy loved it!

The night before Remy's 1st day of Pre-K and she didn't want to leave Mommy!

Her first day!

Then she told me I could go now lol

Being back in school sure wore her out. She has a late pickup since I'm working now so she doesn't get a nap except on Mondays (she has gymnastics Friday afternoons that prevents nap). So when I asked her to clean up the playroom and I later found her holding a toy hot dog, I just let her keep on napping!

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