Sunday, November 20, 2016

Remy is 5!!!

Our little Remster turned the big FIVE on Friday, September 9!!

I can't even believe it. I'm so incredibly sad the 4 year old is gone. Four was my favorite age of both of my girls, I feel like the last "baby" year. I've been trying to soak up all the last baby-ness of our last baby lately!

Rise and shine birthday girl!

I picked up donuts the night before for her.

I kept her home from preschool so we could have a fun day together while Rylie was in school. We stopped at Starbucks for her favorite, a cakepop and milk in a coffee cup (aka her "coffee").

Then we went to a friend's little girl's birthday party where she saw some old buddies!

Then that evening, my mom arrived so we picked her up and went to dinner at Remy's choice, Rainforest Cafe!

She seriously asked every waiter/tress that walked by if they were going to sing to her!

Video of them singing to her

Now dig in!

Then we came home and let her open her presents!

Strawberry shortcake water bottle, Zootopia DVD and little doll from Rylie

Her overalls to match Rylie's that she wanted so bad!

And her big gift.....

The doll she's wanted for almost a year!

It doesn't look like her or anything. She just picked it out of the catalogue long ago and has been begging for the "doll with curler hair" and she's shown us she can take care of her Target doll and love her so much, so we thought she was ready for her first American Girl.

She has named her doll Maddie and loves her so much!

Then the next day was her big birthday party day!

She had a HARD time picking a party theme this year! Last December she went to a party at Kids in Action and declared then that her 5th birthday party she wanted to be at Kids in Action. So all she kept saying was she wanted a Kids in Action party and wouldn't pick a theme. Then she talked about themes that weren't available. Finally, she decided on an ice cream theme since she loves it so much!

Sadly, I took tons of great photos on my camera and then we had the computer/pictures situation and in the midst of all that, every single picture I took from her party was accidentally deleted and completely unable to recover. I messaged every guest and they sent me these photos that they took. I'm only mostly sad still that our family photo is gone. Every birthday party I have a family photo of us for the baby book and this was Remy's last party to put in her baby book. Thankfully I have these few so I have something to remember her party by.

Updated 5-2017 with photos Donna found on her phone!

Opening presents at home after the party. She loves this new baby doll carrier!

Remy was bummed she couldn't do a pinata at her party, so I bought this small ice cream one for the girls to do at home!

Then September 16, I went with Remy to school for her birthday celebration there!

The MOST excited she was about her birthday at school, was to get the birthday crown!

Praying in chapel

Then time to sing to her!

Video of everyone singing to her

Then her girlfriends from last year all ran up to say hi to Remy!

Then we went to her class and she brought Rice Krispie treats (her choice) for all her friends!

Overall, Remy had a great 5th birthday!

A couple of things about Remy at age 5....

She loves going to school 5 days a week. She hates when I pick her up early and every morning she asks to get in the car 30 minutes before it's time to go. She loves everything about her sweet preschool and as soon as she gets home, she plays school with her dolls and she's the cutest "teacher."

She loves playing with dolls, mostly American Girl and other babies. She loves being a Mommy and Teacher to them.

She is the most awful pickiest eater right now! She won't even eat mac n cheese, her previous favorite food! She only likes waffles, apple cinnamon oatmeal, SOME yogurts (very picky about those now!), peanut butter and jelly sandwich, jelly toast, strawberries, cheese, tortillas, biscuit, white rice, animal crackers, goldfish, and basically dinner is a loss.

She is still the sweetest snuggler. She is a Mommy's girl and sometimes she just can't go to bed until she's had more snuggles from me (and as much as I just want to go to bed or finally get some things done at the end of the day, I can't help but oblige and soak in those snuggles!).

She says the sweetest things too like randomly saying Rylie's the best sister in the whole world, or that she loves her family forever, or that I'm the most preshest (precious-est is what she's trying to say) Mommy ever.

I will say though, turning 5 also brought a new attitude! She's slamming doors and talking back more and used to be the BEST listener but now gives us a hard time when we ask her to clean up her mess or do something. And when she gets mad, she's destructive and will tear up anything in sight (including beautiful pictures she'd just colored....sigh).

She's doing great at learning to spell a lot of words and can count to 100 and her writing has improved just this school year tremendously! She no longer makes her R with what she called "a circle with legs" and now write a proper big R. (As cute as her "circle with legs" was though!) And she's coloring in the lines. Her fine motor skills has really improved this year. She still gets in trouble with scissors so we don't practice on them much!

She loves playing outside and every afternoon she asks to do so. She loves swinging and just since Summer has taught her self to swing on her own without someone pushing her. And she loves riding on sister's old scooter and driving the police car.

She still loves Gymnastics and while this new "advanced competition" style team has challenged her, she's learning more and doing great!

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