Friday, November 18, 2016

Pretty Nails and Taking Care of Business

Remy's been taking notes at Rylie's swim practices.....

Dropping off Girl Scout donations to a local food bank

Rylie got her first mani/pedi! Remy was too scared to!

Oh the faces of Remster.....

Dinner with family after a long 5 hours of Girl Scout leader training!

She only likes athletic clothes now and was excited to get some new ones!

Pumba visit at Walmart

Decorated for back to school!

Got her a new lunchbox and backpack!

Rylie did her hair lol

Donations for our local police at church

Starbucks date with my littlest

Bills Cafe dinner and play!

We cleaned up the playroom and reorganized a lot, then the girls asked to spend the night up there!

New rooms for their dolls!

Rylie's "first date" lol We really went to the movies with her girlfriend Jacie for her birthday party and Rylie knew Jacie's friend from Summer camp and they sat by each other and he got a straw for her. It was so cute!

Arcade after the movie

First time to acolyte by herself!

Dropped off leftover GS cookies to local police

Summer camp cuties

YUMMIEST dessert ever!

Pirate day at Summer camp

New dresser and office organized for another year of Girl Scout leadership

Ran errands and the girls wanted different things for lunch, so mall food court pleased us all!

Carousel and lego store after lunch

And ice cream treat!

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