Thursday, November 24, 2016

More September Cell Phone Pictures!

After Remy's birthday celebration at her preschool, I took lunch to Rylie at her school!

David and I dropped the girls off at a PNO that weekend and snuck away for dinner and errands just the two of us!

Sunday mornings are teamwork around here!

The pink striped dresses were total coincidence!

Remy was doing this little script with these little people characters and all the boys were just sitting and staring at her, intrigued, in Sunday school. So cute!

Morning hugs before Rylie gets on the bus!

Remy saw this pillow in the store, hugged it and said "Oh, I love you, Mr. Chocolate!" LOL

She's not exactly fashion-coordinated.

A new pizza place opened by us and it's phenomenal! BBQ chicken pizza with cilantro, just the way I like it!

Fall goodies for the girls' teachers!

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