Friday, November 18, 2016


We returned to Maine for our yearly 4th of July visit again!

Headed to airport!

Keeping sane at airport

Made it to Portland!!

Made it to Mimi and Gaga's cottage!!

The girls got a surprise this year.....a zipline!!

I didn't think we'd ever get them back home after the zipline!!

Recreated this photo from 4 years ago with Remy!!

Damariscotta shopping the next day!

Lunch at Larson's lunchbox!

Nature hike with Rylie, our photographer!

4th of July

We took the girls to a parade for the first time and they loved it! Especially all the candy handed out!

What else to wear to Maine for 4th of July than red, white, and blue lobster top?!

The next day we drove to Camden and went up Mt. Battie! Beautiful views!

Had a picnic lunch on the water and explored the town some more.

Smores and campfire skits that night!

Flea market shopping early in the morning and found this cute cake pan!

Headed to the library!

They had an American Girl Kit there you could check out for a few days. The girls were ECSTATIC to babysit, especially since they couldn't bring their own dolls!

Then we headed to the beach!

Then we cleaned up for the lobster pound for dinner!

Breakfast at the Seagull shop the next morning!

A cold front blew in and it was crazy windy and foggy and COLD! Which we loved, but hard to take pictures in! AND first time for Remy to go up the lighthouse!

David and I snuck away to Damariscotta for awhile.

Styling in her new jacket and favorite new shirt. Doesn't she look like a cheerleader here?!

Dinner at Contented Sole!

This is how Remy does her hair in Maine in Mommy and Daddy's room (the next morning)

Showing us the "scary tree"

Boothbay Harbor visit!

We went to this train village and the girls played a TON and we rode this little train.

Then we had lunch and went into town to explore.

Like a kid in a candy store.....

Fire in the chimney that night!

David and I went to date night at the Seagull shop next to the lighthouse.

Our first time to see it lit up!

The next morning.....footsy on the couch, homemade muffin from a local place, and sadly Kit had to return to the library.

We tried another lobster pound, new to us for dinner! The haddock chowder was perfect on the cold evening!

And Rylie tried lobster for the first time and liked it!

We stopped for ice cream after dinner.

The  next morning Maine was crying that we were going home. We stopped for breakfast in town before heading to the airport.

Another great visit in the books!

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