Thursday, November 24, 2016

Girl Scout Day Camp

Rylie has already had a great start to another Girl Scout year!

Her troop did a sweet candlelight rededication ceremony that they planned themselves.

Then on September 24, we did our first day camp that the girls planned as well!

We drove out to Conroe area, about 45 minutes away to the most beautiful of all the Girl Scout camps in our council (in my opinion!) The girls were RUNNING in, they were so excited!

First we did the Love, Hug, and Groom horse tour

Then we got to go outside to the horses! Our council owns about 40 horses, which belong to all the Girl Scouts in our council, so these girls were taking care of THEIR horses! Cookie and Fall Product money goes towards their vet bills, food, and shelter.

And then they ASKED to clean up horse poop?!?! Seriously!

Next we did an archery lesson. All the girls except our new girl have done archery before, but ask to do it again often! They all love archery!

I love doing archery too!

Then we headed to our campsite to build our fires.

Going over the kaper chart to see their jobs for the day.

So part of this day camp was to include a lesson on building their own fires. Each girl spent the time learning what tinder and kindling was and gathered their own wood and build their little campfire. We started with 1 girl who barely got hers lit and then quickly went to the 2nd girl who was barely getting a light when she skies opened up.

Whomp whomp. Our rained out fire circle. :(

The girls were so bummed and we all got SOAKED. I tried to save our coals that were already lit, but the skies wouldn't let up and they went out! So we made do for the moment with the fruit we brought.

Then finally the rain stopped, I relit the coals while my coleader did the badge lesson inside and got our chicken on!

The girls kept saying it was the BEST lunch they'd ever had! (It was seriously just chicken and cheese because my coleader forgot another bag in her freezer with vegetables and hash browns, bless her heart. And we had miscommunication and neither of us brought the seasoning! I think they were all just starving so much, anything would've been the best meal ever! Ha!)

Then the "cooks" on the kaper chart got dessert on the coals!

Such a beautiful camp!

And after dessert the girls finished their badge work.

Then another storm was rolling in! So we hurried up and packed, did our cleaning kapers, called the park ranger to check out early! And of course the skies opened up AGAIN as we were trekking back to the car!

But overall they all said they had a BLAST and have been begging, even while we were there and soaking wet, to come back and do this again!! I was so proud of our girls. Not one of them whined or complained when the fires rained out or that lunch took longer to make or that it wasn't the exact lunch we'd planned. They were all real troopers and "weathered" through our first camping adventure!

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