Friday, November 18, 2016

Galveston Weekend

The first weekend in August, David and I got away to Galveston for a few nights. We hadn't been away or done anything without the kids since our 2 year anniversary.....7+ years ago!

We headed out Friday, same day as opening ceremony for the Olympics so we all decked out in our red, white, and blue to support team USA! And dropped Remy off with her "Gabby Douglas Barbie doll" (aka Princess Tiana in a leotard).

The girls stayed at Mimi's house that weekend, thankfully!

First off, David and I toured Bishop's Palace mansion in Galveston!

We loved that house and the beautiful details and history in it!!

Then we headed to our hotel down on the water!

We opted to order pizza and watch the opening ceremony in our room with no interruptions! They even delivered the pizza to our door so we wouldn't miss anything to get it downstairs lol

Pretty sunset!

The next morning, we ordered breakfast room service and then lounged by the pool!

Drinks at the swim up bar.

And walked down to the ocean too

Then we cleaned up and grabbed a light snack at Hotel Galvez bar. Had we been dressed nicer, we would've tried to crash the wedding everyone was arriving there for. But it was obviously black tie and we didn't bring formals lol

So we headed to our own dinner at Watermans

The next day we HAD to get some sno cones! It was so wicked hot!

And toured another mansion, which by the way was NOT this house lol

Looking for the right house....

"I think it's down this way"

THIS is the correct house!

Moody mansion

50's style booth set up in the garage

Hard to read, Hurricane Ike water line

I think we both loved this house more because it was suitable for living in in the present! But we couldn't afford the $4,000 a month air conditioning bill in the summer!

Then we grabbed drinks on the rooftop bar of a local hotel and it was so pretty out.

The next day, checking out of the hotel

Farewell Galveston! Until next time! Hopefully we can bring the girls next year and stay a weekend for a mini family vacation!

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