Sunday, November 20, 2016

3rd Grade's a Charm

The week before school started......

Rylie got to come to work with me! Apparently it was more work than she could handle and fell asleep on the hour drive home one afternoon!

took the girls to a consignment store grand opening and they met some characters

Rylie dressed her dolls up in coordinating colors

We went to meet the teacher at Rylie's school!

Except her homeroom teacher is on maternity leave, so we met her long-term sub (left) and then other teacher for reading/writing (right)

We organized the house and then took ourselves out to dinner!

Wearing their new converses we found at the consignment store. They now want other colors!

Blessing of the backpacks at church!

And potluck lunch after. We brought this cute ABC cake.

And then the day finally came! First day of 3rd grade!

The comparison staircase photos of all her first day of school pictures!

Teacher cookies!

The principal

Sweet sisters finding Rylie's class

Dropped off cookies at her afternoon teacher first

Then to her homeroom! Cookies for her sub.

Remy didn't want to leave Rylie!

Alright, time to go!

The 2nd day of school, Rylie wanted to ride the bus there for the first time with her friends.

Off she goes!

And wow is the morning bus SO MUCH easier on all of us! So glad she has so many friends who also ride with her and saves me 20 minutes in the morning at least!

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