Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I had a small panic attack weeks ago. All my photos from the past year and a half disappeared off my computer. It took me a few weeks to get everything back where it went and I'm just now realizing I still have some recovering to do of my cell phone pictures from the past year. But thankfully, everything IS recovered! So my goal is to completely catch up on this blog before the end of the year!

Rylie had decided at the end of last Summer that she wanted to do Swim Team this Spring/Summer and we agreed it would be great for her to help her become a solid swimmer and it was cheaper than any other swim lessons with more time in the pool!

She was so excited when the time finally came and she started with her first class at Rookie Camp in April.

Geared up and ready to go!

With support from sister!

She got in the water (after not swimming for a year and totally forgot everything she learned last year just on her own)

So after the first week of Rookie Camp, her coach sent us an email and didn't think Rylie was ready for swim team and should try again next year. But Rylie insisted she could do it and wanted to do it. So I told the coach no, she's going to make the time and do this. So I took her on the weekends to our community pool (it was SO COLD, by the way!) and we practiced for hours!

Saturday, May 7 was Team Trials where you swam and had to make a certain time in order to qualify for meets. She was so excited and nervous!!

Pool is ready!

My swim team Mamma buddy, Janna

Here she goes!

SHE DID IT!!! She made the time and improved SO MUCH!

Then backstroke, which she's actually way better at! She hates freestyle.

Saturday, May 14 was our first real meet against another team.

We all had on our swim team shirts for support!

Bad photo David took of me doing my volunteer shift as scriber.

Just a photo of her working on diving at practice, she's in the purple suit (5/18/16)

And because she improved her time at her first meet vs time trials, she got ribbons and a free sno cone at another practice!

Saturday, May 28 was our first away meet and Mimi came to see our girl!

Doing the team cheer before the meet began

Remy played football with some boys in the parking lot while we waited for sister's heat lol

Rylie swam her very best time at this meet! She improved her backstroke by SIX SECONDS!

We celebrated with La Madeleine after!

Saturday, June 4 was the RAINIEST. DAY. EVER.

But there was no thunder or lightening so that didn't stop the meet from happening!

But seriously.....over 6 hours of NON. STOP. RAIN.

One of her last practices with more ribbons and sno cones!

Saturday, June 18 was the Divisionals meet, Rylie's last swim for the team this year!

We didn't even know to prepare her for the indoor pool and that it's 12 feet deep, not 5 ft like our community pools are. Imagine being 8 and never being in a huge 12 ft deep pool and you just jump in with goggles on face first. A lot of kids were freaked out initially, Rylie included!

She swam her very best and ended on a great note though and had so much fun on this team with several of her buddies!

That's a wrap on swimming!

June 28 they had an awards banquet for swim team

All of the coaches

Everyone got a medal and yes, I know "participation medals" are worthless. But this girl worked her butt off this entire season. We never did this to win and I never kept score. Our only goals with her doing swim team was to get her to be a strong swimmer and for her to improve each day than the day before. This medal does represent a lot of hard work she put into reaching that goal of just improving and trying her best. (All other participation medals we feel they're worthless, but this one is different to us)

Our team won 3rd place in our league - the team trophy!

Somehow we missed getting an entire family photo! Proud of our girl!

And her swim trading cards. I'm bummed they didn't put her styles. She swam 25 free and 25 back at every meet.