Monday, August 29, 2016

Start of Summer Fun and David's Birthday

David's birthday was Sunday, June 5 and it was promotion Sunday at our church. 

Rylie was the only one in our family promoted to the big girl Sunday School class. She'll be in this class the next 3 years and then join Youth! :'(

Little Sunday afternoon nap on the floor

Then we met up with Mimi and Gaga for dinner at David's choice, Red Lobster!

Remy was SO excited for her Daddy's birthday!

She picked out his goggles all by herself!

I surprised David with a weekend to Galveston, which we did in August and I'll blog later.

Group photo courtesy of Ashlee's new selfie stick!

Then the girls started the following Tues at Summer Camp where Remy goes to preschool (and Rylie used to do preschool). It's the first time they're in the same place at the same time!

I surprised them with macaroons at pickup to match their new shirts and celebrate a great first day!

I took the girls swimming one afternoon. It's so much easier now having 1 good swimmer!

Haha! Remy!

Just playing around at home!

We got some sad news on June 9. One of Rylie's friends and Girl Scout sisters' dad died suddenly in his sleep. Such a heart-breaking thing. We had just seen him at swim practice, as she was on team with Rylie. He came to almost every practice and a lot of Girl Scout events and church events to see his daughter. I still can't believe he's gone. I realized Rylie didn't have anything appropriate for a funeral so I was going to take her to buy a dress one night. I was getting my hair ready and she came into my bathroom and said in a quiet voice, "Can Daddy take me shopping instead?" She's never asked for Daddy to do something like this with her and I think it was her way of clinging to him while mourning the death of her friend's dad. David of course happily agreed and promised to send me photos of her trying some on so I could approve. And they did good picking out the perfect dress for her.

But I hate that she needed this dress.
The entire Girl Scout troop came to the funeral. I had to explain to Rylie what a funeral was beforehand, her first one to attend aside from my Grandmother's when she was 4 and didn't remember and thankfully Remy was able to go to Summer camp and I took off work to take Rylie alone. Remy didn't really understand everything when I tried explaining it to her.

Definitely another reminder to treasure the moments you have with loved ones because life is short!

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