Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Spring Storms, Remy's Open Houses, Parent Brunch, Spring Pics & Rylie's Art Show

Cuties before church!

We had a really bad storm late Sun night 4/24 into early Mon morning and I woke up to our power being out and CRAZY thunder and lightening and wind and Remy in bed next to me hyperventilating like I've never seen before. She was burning up and could barely breathe.

So I quickly scooped her up and moved her into my closet in the center of our house where she wouldn't hear the storm and Rylie and David joined us too. She finally calmed down and went back to sleep.

But then had a fever Mon morning. Houston had so much flooding, businesses were closed and David stayed home from work. School was closed too.

Poor sugar tried to tell herself she was feeling better and tried playing in the playroom, only to fall asleep on the floor!

Feeling better days later!

Happy to return to school!

Her Raccoon class open house

Her Monkey class open house

Yoga with sister

Silly faces with Mommy on our morning home together

Dressing herself for school......um, yeah....

Rylie had another art piece chosen for the Fine Arts Festival!

We went to lunch afterwards with Mimi where both girls tried on her clip on earrings.

Remy's Monkey class had a parent brunch I could attend!

Dressed pretty for picture day!

Both of her spring photos turned out SO GOOD!


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