Saturday, August 27, 2016

Remy's End of School Fun

May was full of fun at Remy's preschool!

Just a cute outfit one mornig :)

She had carnivals for both her MWF and TTH classes, both of which were on work days for me so I couldn't attend.

Gave one of her teachers her gifts at early drop off!

TIRED girl after her first carnival day!

I was trying to get a photo of her frog painting on her arm that she was so proud of!

Wild and silly girl at pickup the next day and proud of her face painting!!

And her balloon wand!

Then they had water day for both MWF and TTH. I missed the TTH water day but made it for the Friday one which was also her very last day of class! :(

Her class in chapel singing "Amazing Grace" So sweet!!

And Remy is finally participating and singing more in chapel and I caught it on camera!

She loves her teacher Miss Stacey!

Then it was water fun time!

And foam pit!

Shaving cream table!

After finally being brave enough, she did the huge water slide! A LOT!



Dried off and dressed and time for lunch. Remy was the prayer helper!

Going to miss being in the Monkey class!!

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