Monday, August 22, 2016


I finally uploaded all my photos and got them sorted, now I'm slowly going to start posting. I'll start with this because I've had these cute, funny things Remy has said saved on here for over 6 months now. I'm posting these with photos her teachers took in her preschool classes last year.

*One night at dinner, Remy kept making a high-pitched noise. We kept telling her to stop and to eat her dinner. After about the 5th time of making the noise, David said through gritted teeth to again stop. Remy looked him dead in the eye and said with confidence, "I am not ashamed of myself. I'm on strike 2." (We tell the girls they're on a strike with each time they don't listen and strike 3 usually means no dessert or tv and bed early.) It was hard to keep a straight face when she said that!

*Mimi and Gaga came to church to watch both girls perform their little Christmas program. After the service, I went to get Remy from her class. Our conversation was this...
Me: Come on, Remy. We're going to take some pictures and then go to lunch with Mimi and Gaga.
Remy: Where are we going to lunch?
Me: I don't know, yet.
Remy: I think we should go to Denny's.
Me: I don't think we'll get Gaga to go to Denny's.
Remy: I think Gaga likes to eat lunch by himself.
Seriously?! Where does she get this stuff?

*The first afternoon of Christmas break (both girls had gotten out of school early), and after naps I let them play in the backyard. Remy came storming in after 5 minutes, folded her hands in a huff, and said in a really mad tone, "Rylie keeps smiling at me and I don't like it!" Then she burst into tears. She's definitely a drama queen!

*On New Year's Eve, Remy was scared of the fireworks. You could tell she was really deep-thinking and processing the situation. Then she said, "Every firework has a job. And its job is to go boom. And some don't do their job."

*She was hanging on her gymnastics bar just dangling and said "Look, Mommy! I'm a pinata! You can beat me with a stick!"

*My car battery died while picking her up from school and we were waiting for David to bring us a new one so I said we should just go wait inside. Remy said "OK let's go inside and get some coffee!"

*With her doll Leah, she tucked her in her doll bed and covered her up. I said that was good so she won't be cold. Remy said "she can't get cold because she's a doll." Then another day she was buckling Leah in the seat next to her in my car and said "Leah doesn't need a car seat or booster. Because she's a doll." She definitely has a sense of reality with her doll!

*She was pretending to take my food order one day and asked what I wanted and I said ice cream. She said "OK, I'm getting a lot and there's no mustard." I said that was good because I didn't want mustard on my ice cream. She said "you're not getting mustard with your ice cream because that's gross."

*One night after tucking girls in, David heard a noise and asked me to check the video monitor to see if girls were still in bed. I saw dark hair heads in both beds and said yep! That same second, Remy burst through our bedroom door. I was startled and said "if you're here, who's in your bed?!" Remy said "not me!" I said "I know, but I looked and thought that was you. What is that in your bed?" She said "Leah. She wanted me to come down here." Already starting to put a doll in her place in her bed to look like her so she can sneak out!

*When Remy was in the Monkey class last year, she gave me a picture of a monkey and I said "it's just like you!" And she said "No, I'm not a real monkey. I'm your Remy! I'm just in the Monkey class!"

*On the way to school last year Remy yawned really big and said "Oh I'm so tired today. I should probably be in the 2 year old class today." (Because the 2 year old class takes naps)

*Remy was getting in the car for school and kept dropping her water bottle a lot and got frustrated and said "This is why I don't like cups!!"

*A conversation with Remy:
Me- Remy, are you going to be a Mommy when you grow up?
Remy- No, I'm going to be a doctor. I just need a mommy to come and have a baby.
Me - Oh! So you want to be a doctor that delivers babies?
Remy- Yeah. What do I do, just poke a squeeze?

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