Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have finally been able to upload photos from my cell phone directly to my computer! Since I got a new phone in Dec, it's my primary source of taking photos now. But with problems of getting the photos from my phone to the computer, I've been BEHIND on blogging! So hopefully now I can get caught up. 

The bad news, there were 4,118 photos on my phone. Ha! It took 2 hours to download them to the computer. So now I need to sort through them and organize and post them! Hopefully I can tackle some of that this weekend before SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY! Holy cow this Summer flew by!

Here are some blog posts that are coming soon.....

Girl Scout Camp weekend

Mother's Day

End of school activities for both girls

Father's Day/David's Birthday

Rylie's swim team

Our annual visit to Maine

David and mine's weekend to Galveston

Other misc Summer fun activities

.........and of course school starting back!

Ok, I won't be gone long anymore, hopefully! New posts coming SOON!

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