Monday, August 29, 2016

Camp Training, End of School, Paige's Farewell

So I had to complete Girl Scout camp training this Summer, which let me just say is the least fun thing I've ever done. First I had to drive an hour away, where the closest training was held, and sit in a 3 hour class.

Then I drove an hour home and our neighborhood was flooded. I had to wait in a friend's driveway down the street for the water to go down to get home.

Thursday, June 2 was Rylie's last day of 2nd grade!!

First day vs last day

Remy was so excited sister was finally home!

Some summer goodies I got them

Rylie showed me her "what I want to be when I grow up" card from school. She wants to drive Uber and save her money for a visit to Russia lol She's been obsessed with Russia ever since they learned about it for Christmas around the world at school in Dec!

And since I can't remember if I already posted these, Rylie's Fall and Spring school pictures from 2nd grade!

That evening I let the girls make dinner!

Wearing their new outfits 

Friday, June 3 I went to another farewell dinner for my bookclub/MOPS/neighbor friend Paige who moved to Canada! 

Seriously sad to be losing my movie buddy! 

A week later I had to complete my camp training with an all-day training course, again an hour away. I had to be there at 8am. Yuck!

We learned so much I think I forgot it all, seriously. We had to cook several meals using all the different methods of camp cooking and did I mention it was 100 degrees?! There was a LOT of time in front of the fire, ugh!

Old school camp tents that I will NEVER bring my girls to!

Gross snake skin we found

More cooking!

At this point, I was near getting medical attention from being overheated, even though I drank 144 oz of water while being there! I'd never been more miserable and counting down until it was over!

Sitting far away from the fire trying to cool off during the ending campfire.

FINALLY DONE!!! And got my certification card!!

We'll see how much I actually learned when I take my troop camping this year! Ha!

I just loved the teepees this camp had, that I'll also not bring my girls to sleep in! lol

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