Friday, May 13, 2016

School Carnival and more

Remy and the "dress phase" every girl hits at age 4 :)

Engineering Mommy's old baby doll diaper bag from when she was little into a baby carrier today!

When you just can't "Remy" anymore 

Writing her name for the first time in April!!! So excited for her!!!

Lake Houston trash bash with Girl Scouts!

Winning a door prize and building the dino!

Getting surprised by Gaga with a basketball goal!

(She was so surprised by this she said "Gaga, you're like God." lol)

Church, sno cones, and planting roses I've always wanted on a spring Sunday.

When Remy begs you to go to chapel with her and then all she wants to do is snuggle with you there.

Looking so cute for school!

When a friend gives you lifesize Elsa and Anna dolls and you just can't say goodbye to them when it's time for school.

When you dunk your favorite teacher at the school carnival!

And run into the H-E-Buddy!

And get egged by one of your girl scouts!

And try to squeeze the whole family in a picture.

And bungee jumping is the best thing ever!

And Mommy convinces you, despite the dress phase, to wear the new purple shorts she bought you because they're just too darn cute and in your favorite color!

Spending quality time shooting hoops with sister!

They think they're Liv and Maddie :)

Another cute outfit!

Crashed out!!

New gymnastics shirt love!

When Mommy brings you lunch to school!

When you get a concert in bed from Remster (and love the hairstyle she designed with 10 hairclips)

When you attend your crazy, silly friend's swimming birthday party!

When you just need your lovey, your thumb, and Mommy's arm.

When you accidentally match bottoms with your 8 year old and she gets a big kick out of it!

Everything Easter!

We had a really good Easter.

The girls waved palms on Palm Sunday and then performed in a little play at church.

Remy made "fireworks" in her Sunday School class

Then we did our church's Easter egg hunt where Rylie wiped the grass and Remy wanted about 5 and no more.

Remy had 2 fun Easter parties at school (and I have to note, my first EVER party/event at one of my daughter's schools that I missed in my 8 years of being a mom. Wasn't an easy week for me) :(

We attended our first Maundy Thursday church service which was great!

Got our house all set up for Easter weekend!

My mom arrived Good Friday night and we spent Sat doing fun Easter things with the girls. We made resurrection rolls for the first time which they loved.

And Rylie read the resurrection eggs to Remy.

Then we enjoyed a night dinner on the patio at Sharky's!

We dyed eggs when we got home.

And the girls decorated bunny cookies.

Easter Sunday!

Hiding their eyes while I brought their baskets out after lunch.

Bunny went overboard again! hehe!

She has been begging for this dress for months! She said it was the most beautiful dress!

And this Dr coat. Ever since all those dr visits for her leg in the Fall, she's been obsessed with Dr coats and has asked for one.

Time to hunt!

The girls ended Easter with a little kids yoga their Mimi and Gaga got for them.

And they've been doing it during the week too.

Rylie decided on her own to give up pizza for lent this year and she DID SO GREAT! So Monday after Easter we took her to get pizza for dinner! We shouldn't have gone to Johnny's tho. YUCK!! We were all grossed out by it and will never return. Sorry Rylie!

Loving her new dress the bunny gave her!

And the mall bunny pictures!