Sunday, March 13, 2016

Valentine Parties Galore!

Thursday, February 4th, I had to take off work because Remy's school was closed for teacher conference. Her buddy Kate hosted a Valentine party playdate at her house since we were all out of school!

Remy loved playing dress up while there!

She loved the cupcake too!

All the kiddos

And the moms! We had fun with friends and wore ourselves out!

Thurs, Feb 11 was Remy's Valentine party in the Raccoon class and I couldn't attend. My first class party to miss between both girls. (Insert mom guilt)

But Remy looked so cute for her party!

I gave the girls teachers (all 6 of them!) these goody bags with stress relief tea bags, eos lip balm, and a face mask pack. 

The kids (all 61 of them between all the school classes, friend playdate, and girl scouts) just got a fruit roll up and card. My first year to not do cutesy Valentines and I broke my no-candy rule. Because, ya know. I have no time to even think about Valentines at this point!

Friday, February12th was Remy's other class Valentine party and I don't work Fridays so I could make it! Remy tried dressing herself that morning!

I went Valentine-ish with my Union 28 shirt I bought at Momcon :)
 Remy had a blast at her Monkey class party!

Then we scooted over to Rylie's class party!

Her sweet teacher!

After naps, we went to Remy's Valentine-theme gymnastics class! We switched to Friday nights now and really like this time. And her teachers are the same, so win-win!

Ready to crash!!

Saturday, Feb 13 the girls sported their heart shirts I made them. First time to cut fabric with my cricut!

We had a neighbor's birthday party with pony rides!

Then another friend's birthday party with painting!

Then Remy got to head to camp Mimi!

Sunday, Feb 14 Rylie and I worked our first cookie booth this year after church!

And then Remster came home!

The 3 of us ended up matching each other this year!

We ended up getting dinner at a local Sushi and Fusion restaurant that I'd been to once for book club and loved and wanted to take my family to.

David and Rylie loved it! Remy ate rice and tried the soup and liked it, so progress for our picky eater!

We came home and gave little goodies. David got me flowers and my fav chocolate covered strawberries!

The girls were excited about their little love gifts from us too!

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