Sunday, March 6, 2016

The rest of January's fun....(GS sleepover, snow day, spelling bee, glasses)

I'm trying to quickly catch up here, so I'll just post all the misc photos from the rest of January!

1/13/16 My car battery died while I was first in line for Remy's preschool car rider pick up. Everybody had to go around me, embarassingly. We tried jumping it and it failed so we had to wait for David to bring us a new battery. There was nothing else to do but play on the play ground!

1/14/16 Remy and I had lunch with some MOPS friends for my birthday and Remy was the only kid. She felt like big stuff going to a "girls lunch" with grown ups!

1/15/16 Remy and I accompanied Rylie to her school's "Kids for Christ" program they have every Friday morning before school. Rylie's really gotten into it this year and I love that visitors can come too! When we got out of the car, Remy said "I wanna go to kids for christ so I can praise Jesus!" SO sweet!

1/16/16 The girls and I went to our neighbor friend Lauren's 5th birthday party and had a blast!

1/22/16 Rylie and I went to her first sleepover party! A Girl Scout sleepover party at the council museum! She won this sleepover for selling so many Fall Product items and was so excited!

She got to paint her nails...

And do a face painting art thing...

Played Twister with a few girls...

Played UNO with Mommy then a few others joined us...

Decorate a cupcake...

Danced on stage and then finally, "Home" for the movie!

We didn't get to sleep until really late and then were woken up super early! Even though we knew nobody there, we still had fun together!

We went to breakfast just the 2 of us nearby and it was freezing that morning, so Rylie enjoyed a hot chocolate!

Then we headed to get her haircut! She'd been BEGGING for bangs for months so I finally gave in!

Before and After!

THEN we headed home and got cleaned up and our whole family went to Snow Day at Remy's preschool!

She finally got to make her snow angel!

Suckers AND nail painting?! What more could a 4 year old want?!

And her buddy Kate was there too!

Rylie made the tallest Jenga tower before it crashed!

Love family days!!

Lastly, a train ride with Daddy!

And one more slide down the hill!

And we waited way too long for Remy to get the face painting she was dying for!

Definitely a good family day!!

Super proud of my cousin Chris for getting accepted into his dream college, Ohio State! We sent him this photo to show our support for him (David's holding up a "buck" "I" for their mascot, the buckeyes.)

1/26/16 Rylie had her first appointment with a pediatric neurologist for some things and it was a little nerve-racking so we stopped across the street at American Girl to look at everything and have a fun girls lunch after the appointment!

Remy joined a new class at her preschool, making her a full-timer there and her new class has her friend Kate! We did a little visit and met the teachers with Mommy before she officially started. She wanted to look "fancy" for the visit (and this officially kicked off the dress-only wardrobe!)

Lunch with Mommy at her choice after the visit!

Rylie won her class spelling bee earlier in the month and was sent home a list of over 400 words kinder-8th grade level for us to study for a few weeks before the big grade-level bee. She was in the top 8 finalists who competed this day.

She got down to 4 left and misspelled "cough" (she put an A where the O is because she thought it was like caught). We're super proud of her and all her hard work to prep for this!

Then I checked her out of school for her optometrist appointment. She had her well-check with her pediatrician earlier this month (late since she turned 8 in Oct and the Dr office was packed until now!) and she failed her vision exam.

So now we have glasses!!

She was SO excited to tell her bff Raegan that they're both glasses girls now!

And just one more cute picture of Remy to end the month :)

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