Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Somethings....

Do the start of certain seasons get you thinking of specific things every year? Maybe memories from those seasons passed or events that occur every year?

Spring is around the corner and these are what are on my mind with this season!

Spring dresses!

source                                                                source

source                                                              source

Cute short-sleeve shirts and shorts for little girls!

My favorite little outfits to put on the girls in the Spring have always been cotton shirts and shorts sets with cute patterns and designs on them! I'm so sad Rylie is getting too big for cutesy things!

Raspberry iced tea and fruit desserts like this Blueberry Lemon marble cake

source                                                                      source

Graduations! I still tear up every time I hear that Pomp and Circumstance. And when I see graduation parties and announcements and our church celebrates the youth, ahhh so many tears. Lives are starting all over again every Spring.

source-Gilmore Girls

Bridal showers before the Summer weddings

Great chick-flick movies to watch in the Spring

Get it here                                                         Get it here

Get it here                                                         Get it here

(Yes, I just realized they're all wedding-related movies. Ha!)

Favorite Spring recipes for dinner!

Cheddar Shepherd's Pie I make for St Patty's every year

And for some reason, I have a thing for pastel color dishes for Spring! I have a teal casserole dish and light pink devil egg tray so far.

Spring scents!!

Hopefully Spring allergies and the return of bugs won't be such a bother this year and I can enjoy the things I do like about Spring!

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