Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February = BIG CHANGES!

I will call February "the month I barely survived" Ha! Ha!

It started off big on Feb 1st with me starting a NEW JOB!!!
For the first time in 8 years, I've officially gone back to the work world. Super scary, yes! I was sick to my stomach with nerves for weeks leading up to this and scrambling to get everything taken care of with Remy and Rylie's care and extra school and late pick up, etc.

Then the day before my first day of work, Rylie woke up with strep :(
Thank goodness for CVS Minute Clinic on a Sunday morning!

So David stayed home with the girls that morning and they sent me off on my first day of work!

I'm a Houston commuter now!

My office that I still need to decorate and make more "homey!" I only worked until noon my first day since Rylie was sick, so I went home and then David went into work late that day.

Tuesday 2/2/16 was a big day for both girls! Rylie was off to school (after 2 full days on meds) with glasses for the first time and Remy was starting her new class (her regular one was mwf and we added tth but in another room).

Her new class is the "Raccoons" so I surprised her the night before with "The Kissing Hand" book about a raccoon sad to leave his mom and go to school so she drew a heart on his hand and said every time he looks at it, it's a kiss from his mom. Remy ate that book up!! She fell asleep hugging the book that night and insisted it be in her backpack for school the next day!

Rylie was excited to show off her new glasses!

I sent this photo to my girlfriends, knowing they'd get a good laugh at me and my ghetto lunch bag! Momma had to get herself a lunch bag!

The first week with our new routine was mostly rough on Remy. She was used to Mommy picking her up at 2:30 and coming straight home for a nap. Now I don't pick her up until 4pm, so she was falling asleep in random places, like coming halfway down the stairs one night!

And falling asleep on the way home one day.

Rylie had 100th day of school and had to dress up like a 100 year-old. We were in such a rush to get out that morning, I forgot to take a photo and realized it when I dropped her off. I made her stop and stand for a quick photo lol 

You can't even tell I put baby powder all over her hair to make it gray and she's wearing a cute cardigan under her coat.

I had to work cookie drop where cookie moms pick up their troop orders. Rows and rows of huge truck trailers filled with cookies!

My cookie mom and I had fun working the drop!

And loaded our cars to the MAX with our troops order!

I was scrambling to knock out these Cricut projects I had on my list and was excited how they turned out!

2/7/16 I had to teach Sunday school and Rylie was my big helper in Remy's class!

Cutie pie sisters!

We hosted a small Super Bowl gathering that night and I didn't take a single photo. But it was all about the food!

2/8/16 Rylie had an EEG at the neurologist and was super nervous about it! Once they got her all hooked up, she got a kick out of it and wanted a photo so she could see how it all looked!

This little one....we're always the first at school drop off now. This was supposed to be red/pink color day and I had clothes picked out for her but she didn't approve of them. So she dressed herself in this and pointed to a flower and said "look there's red" and pointed to her leggings (that are purple, by the way) and said "look there's pink." I just couldn't even argue with her, she's too cute!

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