Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Somethings....

Do the start of certain seasons get you thinking of specific things every year? Maybe memories from those seasons passed or events that occur every year?

Spring is around the corner and these are what are on my mind with this season!

Spring dresses!

source                                                                source

source                                                              source

Cute short-sleeve shirts and shorts for little girls!

My favorite little outfits to put on the girls in the Spring have always been cotton shirts and shorts sets with cute patterns and designs on them! I'm so sad Rylie is getting too big for cutesy things!

Raspberry iced tea and fruit desserts like this Blueberry Lemon marble cake

source                                                                      source

Graduations! I still tear up every time I hear that Pomp and Circumstance. And when I see graduation parties and announcements and our church celebrates the youth, ahhh so many tears. Lives are starting all over again every Spring.

source-Gilmore Girls

Bridal showers before the Summer weddings

Great chick-flick movies to watch in the Spring

Get it here                                                         Get it here

Get it here                                                         Get it here

(Yes, I just realized they're all wedding-related movies. Ha!)

Favorite Spring recipes for dinner!

Cheddar Shepherd's Pie I make for St Patty's every year

And for some reason, I have a thing for pastel color dishes for Spring! I have a teal casserole dish and light pink devil egg tray so far.

Spring scents!!

Hopefully Spring allergies and the return of bugs won't be such a bother this year and I can enjoy the things I do like about Spring!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March is here!

Funny faces while waiting in car line to pick up sister!

Baking Gaga a lemon birthday cake!

And showering him with love after a yummy dinner!

 Mixing St Patty's and Easter decor this year!

Rylie was eager to want to help with communion at church one Sunday! Such a big girl!

Watching TV is a balancing act around here....

Loving our new rain puddles and excited to wear boots to splash in them!

Playing at the park in our neighborhood.....

When all of a sudden.....

Mimi and Gaga showed up!!! Surprise!!

March has been off to a great start so far!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Remy's field trip and World Thinking Day!

Remy's class had a field trip Friday, Feb 19 to a local gymnastics place (not the place she takes classes). She was so excited to show her teachers her gymnastics skills!

This place, though is nothing like her place. They were in this teeny room in the back and did the LONGEST warmup. I could tell Remy was getting frustrated and wanted to just start already!

Then they just did 3 little stations, forward rolls down this mat over and over.

And swinging on the rings (Remy flipped over when she went)

And walking across the beam and hopping down. They didn't even try teaching the kids how to properly climb onto the beam themselves, just placed them up, walked them across, then carried them down. 

Then they lined up the class and let everyone hop across the trampoline one time. Remy was bursting with energy and excited to do that!

Then they told kids to get their shoes on. Remy looked like she was about to cry because she didn't get to show her teachers anything like she wanted. I told her to ask the head coach if she could show her teacher her flip over the bar and she said yes. Before I could even pull my phone out to take a photo, Remy ran over to the bar so fast and flipped over it! Her teacher then showed up Remy and did a flip over the bar too! Remy was SO excited about that!! So it ended up being a fun field trip for her and thankfully it was a Friday and she could do some REAL gymnastics at her class that night!

When you can't decide which dress you want to

And this one morning she dressed herself and did her hair on her own and looked so precious!

Rylie made us all breakfast one Sunday morning!

And read her new book while she ate. She finished this book in a day and then we watched the movie! (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

I went shopping with some friends and we stopped in a random restaurant for lunch and ended up eating cactus with weird cheese I can't pronounce served by a Greek ninja waiter. Fun times in the Heights! Ha!

And Remy having a blast in the backseat of the Gaga mobile on the way to a family dinner! Precious girl!

And she's rocking her own backseat with a new carseat! Her old Britax was 6 yrs old and wasn't tightening like it was supposed to and she had just outgrown it. She LOVES her new purple one!

February ended with a bang on Saturday the 27th. I was in charge of a Girl Scout community World Thinking Day event. Plans started for this in Sep with me being asked to head it, training in Oct to learn how to host a community event with multiple troops attending, formed a Girl Planning Board in Nov, and we met bi-monthly until Feb where we met weekly until the event. We had 135 girls and troop leaders in attendance for the event! I was up until 2am Friday night getting last-minute things ready for it and then woke up at 5am Saturday morning to get there early and set up everything. Our council sent a media guy to cover the event since it was so large. Little did I know what I was getting myself into when I accepted this responsibility in Sep!!! Ha!!

Girl Planning board at our last meeting, putting together supplies and making craft samples!

SWAPS our troop handed out. The glue of course wouldn't hold when the girls tried making them during a meeting so guess who got to take home 130 of these to hot glue? Yours truly!

Here's the main photos from the event!

Group photo of all girl scouts in attendance

They "visited" 6 countries picked by the Girl Planning Board

GPB brought in the colors

(Rylie's in yellow headband)

Since the Girl Scout theme for World Thinking Day this year was "Connect with yourself. Connect with friends. Connect with the world." We started off with a little yoga for the "connect with yourself" part. We asked probably 10 different local yoga instructors if they'd volunteer 10 min to lead this for us and ALL of them said no. So I had to research some moves and breathing and led this myself!

Caught my troop during their rotations!

Closing ceremony, the GPB went over the WAGGGS symbol so girls could earn their pin if they hadn't already (they're not supposed to just be given that, they're supposed to know what it means, so we covered all of that for all girls in attendance).

And then it was cleanup and then I cried with relief it was finally over!!!! I've already been asked to plan this again next year, but I'm not going to decide until Sep when planning needs to start. It's a huge toll planning an event this large, but it was fun and I'm so glad it turned out great and went so smoothly!!!