Saturday, January 2, 2016

Santa Pics, Winter Festival and misc

Some misc early December photos....

Rylie was awarded best behaved in bus line for the month of November and after Thanksgiving break, she got her prize! Her favorite candy bar, just like Daddy!

Both girls took this calendar countdown very seriously, especially Rylie!

Our elf, Dina decided to help us out and decorated all 3 little trees one night!

Pretty girls ready for church

Dina also brought the girls macarons!

Friday, December 4 the girls got the Santa mall pictures taken!

December 5 was our neighborhood Winter Festival! We haven't been since we moved here in 2008! So I was very excited our whole family could enjoy some Christmas celebration memories together. The girls will only be this little once and then they won't enjoy these kinds of things so I want to make a point to try attending when we can.

First stop was making reindeer food!

Always silly faces made with these two!

Then the girls did camel rides! I mean, can you say you've ever ridden a camel?!

Christmas cuties!

Caught this sweet moment while standing in line

Bungee jumping!

We saw a few of our favorites friends too!

Then train ride!

Then horse and carriage ride!

I was trying to take a photo of Rylie and David sitting across from Remy and I and someone photobombed!

Yes, that's the same kid who sometimes refuses to have her photo taken!

Next was rockwall!

My little monkey who climbs everything only made it a few steps up and got scared.

Rylie did really good!

David made it to the top!

Then we went home for a little nap and lunch and then went to Remy's friend Kate's birthday party!

I thought it was funny Rylie ended up sitting by the birthday girl lol Kate just loves Rylie!

Remy was sitting across from them.

Definitely a fun-filled Saturday for our family!

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