Monday, January 18, 2016

Week after Christmas, New Years Eve Party, Ice Skating!

The week after Christmas we got settled in with our new toys. Rylie lost a tooth, her 9th! Between Christmas and Tooth Fairy, Mommy was broke! Ha!

We also had a sad week of goodbyes.

Our neighbor across the street's family went to Saudi Arabia for the next 6 months for their dad's job. And Mimi's coworker Dawn left her job of 10 years at Mimi's office. The girls don't know that place without Miss Dawn, heck I don't know that place without her! She had just started when I met David!

We also enjoyed our new toys a lot!!

New Year's Eve we went to a party at our friend's house!

The girls had never been to a NYE party before. We've always just done our own little casual thing at home and I think now the girls think we've deprived them!

They had a lot of fun with their buddies!

Their neighbors set off huge fireworks

Which scared Remy a LOT!

She's already been talking nonstop about how she doesn't want to see the fireworks in Maine for 4th of July this Summer!

Rylie had a great time with the sparklers though!

This was the best NYE by far!!

CHEERS to 2016!

We started the new year off right and resumed our tradition of family ice skating!!

It was Remy's first time and she was SO EXCITED about it!!

Until she actually got out there! She cried and said "I don't like it!"

Then 2 minutes later, she was fine and loved it!!

Rylie was having a blast the whole time!

Turns out Remy's a pro with this little walker! She almost didn't need it. She has great balance from her gymnastics classes and did so well for her first time! 

Rylie did really great too!

Daddy and his girls watching the zambonie!

First family activity of the new year! 

We hope to do things like this more often this year and not let extra-curriculars or other things get in the way of family time.

The big tree outside of the ice skating place

The girls brought their dolls too, Remy's was dressed in her ice skating outfit!

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