Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My 30th Birthday!

I can't believe I'm finally 30!! And now all my friends are 40 or about to be 40 in the next year or 2. lol

I had a really fun celebration at our house that David put together. Years ago I had said I wanted to do a roaring 20's theme party for my last night in my 20's, which was perfect because it was a Friday night. But then I had my doubts and told David nobody will want to come and everyone will probably forget my birthday so let's not do it. Well, he went to a friend of mine and got email addresses and put it together anyway! He told me the week of because he still needed some email addresses from me that my friend didn't have! I'm so glad he went ahead and put this together because friends did come and it ended up being a really fun night full of laughs and good company!

I can't post ALL of the photos from the party ;-) But here's some great ones. Definitely a birthday to remember!

Our Mint Julep bar

(Don't worry, all "cigarettes" and "cigars" are fake props!!)

Love this one of the guys!

I forgot to put out some things before I took pictures of the food table! But it was a great selection of popular dishes from the 20's. And meatballs. Just because they're awesome!

Saturday morning I woke up 30!!!

The girls spent Friday night at their Mimi's house so we met them for brunch Saturday morning and hung out for awhile.

Then David and I went out to dinner!

Since Indian Chicken Curry is one of my favorite dishes now and I finally got David onto it, we went to an Indian restaurant. SOOO good!

So far I'm loving my 30's!

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