Saturday, January 2, 2016

Girl Scouts in December

Our troop was very busy last month!

December 1st the girls were in a Christmas parade for the first time!

Remy was loving hanging out with Daddy watching the whole parade waiting for us! He bought her  a light saber too!

Finally we came through!

Daddy and Remy joined us and finished the walk with our troop.

December 8 some girls performed for the Girl Scout leaders at a meeting and got a community patch.

December 12 some of the girls attended a Cookie University at camp.

They had a lot of fun making goals, getting more familiar with the cookies and pricing again, practicing a booth, and learning how to budget and plan with money earned.

December 13 the troop went caroling at a nursing home.

Oh my word, did the residents LOVE it. They were singing along with the girls and clapping their hands.

The girls handed out goodies to all the residents after as their service project with Fall Product money. One of the residents said "I've been praying and praying for some kids to come visit and some came this morning and now you all." And she had tears in her eyes. I just got teary-eyed too and hugged her.

Then we had a little party and dinner at Culver's and then Mommy was on break from leader duties until January!!

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